Which is the truth???

From the Republican Daily…

Yesterday, mass chaos ensued for Southwest Airlines, with thousands of flights being canceled across the country. Passengers were left scrambling as refunds were denied and nonsensical excuses were presented.

The official story was that ATC “issues” and bad weather caused the meltdown, which hit Jacksonville, FL especially hard. That rippled through flights elsewhere as planes were not able to make their connecting legs.

One look at the radar and airport delays, though, shows there was absolutely nothing weather-related anywhere in the country (where Southwest Airlines operates) that caused this, much less in sunny Jacksonville. Rather, it was some mix of an air traffic controller and pilot shortage due to pointless vaccine mandates driving the cancellations. That’s made obvious by the fact that other major US airlines saw cancellation rates over 10x lower during the same period.

Further, it’s been confirmed now that the mass “sickout” was a result of the vaccine mandates.

From some ‘other’ sources…

Note the comment about the leave and banked personal time… I know which one of these ‘I’ believe…

YMMV, but I’d be careful about whom I book flights on for a while. Just sayin…


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  1. The pilots’ union says it is not a slowdown or sickout… but mismanagement by the company. Wish Herb was back at the helm there….

  2. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.
    The motivation for it can be
    Screw them, I’m not taking the jab.
    And let them pay me, too.

    Nobody knows the long term effects.
    There may be lots of jobs open in a few years.

  3. I applaud the pilots and flight crews for having the courage and commitment to stand up to the tyranny of forced vaccination and to defend theirs and everyones Constitutional rights.Mandatory vaccines are not only un-Constitutional but are a violation of the Nuremberg code among other International treaties. The Supreme Court has ruled that forced mandatory vaccination is un-Constitutional. As a side note under the Nuremberg Code the forced vaccination of the people is punishable by death! And under the US Constitution the mandating of forced vaccination is a violation of the oath of those in the offices of President, Vice President, Congressman, and Senators as well as the military and Justices. This violation is treason which also is punishable by the death penalty. President Biden and Dr. Fauci had better think before issuing any executive order making forced vaccination mandatory. As it is now there are many leaders of many countries that are guilty of violating the Nuremberg Codes and may end up on trial at the ICC in the Hague facing the death penalty. Cases have been filed in the ICC, in Italy, and cases are being filed in the US.

  4. If you know you’re going to be terminated, and you lose your accumulated sick and vacation if you are, being sick alot between now and then seems like the smart play.

  5. There is no federal mandate. How is it that so many companies are mandating the jab? I would not be surprised if fedgov is handed out gobs of money and/or deep tax incentives to the companies.

    Since there does not exist a fed mandate, and never will be, I imagine the companies will be on the hook for wrongful termination, wrongful death and a host of other stuff. That will stand even if and when fed gov gives exemptions to the companies. Congress is weak and in disarray. That leaves only E.O. by the Potato. Will the tax payers then bail out the companies? Why, of course!

  6. Do you remember…When riots were unthinkable. and you only saw them in the news reels happening in other countries, BUT NEVER HERE IN AMERICA, and when you left front doors open. When socialism was a dirty word. When ghettos were neighborhoods. When the Flag was a sacred symbol. When criminals actually went to jail. When you weren’t afraid to go out at night. When taxes were only a necessary nuisance. When a boy was a boy, and dressed like one. When a girl was a girl, and dressed like one. When the poor were too proud to take charity. When the clergy actually talked about religion. When clerks and repairmen tried to please you. When college kids swallowed goldfish, not acid. When songs had a tune, and the words made sense. When young fellows tried to join the Army or Navy. When people knew what the Fourth of July stood for. When you never dreamed our country could ever lose. When a Sunday drive was a pleasant trip, not an ordeal. When you bragged about your hometown and home state. When everybody didn’t feel entitled to a college education. When people expected less and valued what they had more. When politicians proclaimed their patriotism, and meant it. When everybody knew the difference between right and wrong. When things weren’t perfect — but you never expected them to be. When you weren’t made to feel guilty for enjoying dialect comedy. When our Government stood up for Americans, anywhere in the world. When you knew that the law would be enforced, and your safety protected. When you considered yourself lucky to have a good job, and proud to have it. When the law meant justice, and you felt a shiver of awe at sight of a policeman. When you weren’t embarrassed to say that this is the best country in the world. When America was a land filled with brave, proud, confident, hardworking people!

    • I remember it well! Growing up in the 50s and 60s was a beautiful time. I pity the children growing up in todays world. What a wondeful world I was lucky enough to have experienced, wish the kids of today could have the same experience and not the garbage society they have to endure.

  7. I am a teacher. Been banking sick leave for quite some time because a) I am almost never sick and b) it’s more work to take a day off by the time you make lesson plans, type them out with detailed instructions for the sub, evaluate what actually got taught while you were gone, reteach what you wanted taught while you were gone, replan everything that comes afterwards to adjust for the lost time.

    I may be terminated soon due to the vax mandate. Although I could have cashed out excess sick leave each summer at some significantly reduced rate, I didn’t because I thought it might be nice to have plenty on the books in case of a long term illness. Turns out if you are terminated you forfeit all that leave. Never occurred to me to plan as though I might be terminated. Nice.

    • Oh, thanks! I really enjoyed his coverage of the dam in Oroville. He seems like a really smart guy.

  8. In addition to the political issues, the “jab” has caused enough debilitating side effects that could end a pilots flying career that I understand why they don’t want to take it.

  9. I’m enjoying the rabid response by the progressive media attacking the pilots as terrorists. (While they completely overlooked the illegality of ATC walking out.)

  10. Last year during the beginning of Covid19 my wife had her flights cancelled and to this day has been unable to get a refund or one of their useless vouchers for future travel.

    Anyone who gives business to an airline these days needs their head examined. When it comes to business ethics and respect for customers the airlines are an example of how low a company can go. Maybe it’s time to let a few go under.

    If you’re going to get screwed it would be nice to have a kiss thrown in.

  11. Now let’s talk about deaths. 0.45 per 100 million passenger miles. <0.001 per. For 2019. 22,210 deaths in cars in 2019. 1 death in scheduled airplanes in 2019. So assuming about 30% of the country is unvaccinated, figure on another 7k deaths. Thanks government (via your proxy Southwest Airlines).

    (All numbers of excess deaths purely ballpark and estimated using no actual facts or statistics other than the deaths listed above which are from the National Safety Council.)

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