Here’s the clip of the boom…

Lousy phone video, but you get the idea… 🙂


Boom… — 9 Comments

  1. If you were to ask me the thing that I miss about not being in the military, it’s not making things explode. I know, the service exposed a character flaw (if you want to look at it that way), but there is a deep satisfaction that comes.

  2. So, was that a big container of Tannerite?

    A few years back, I shot a small jar of Tannerite that was sitting on the top of a five gallon bucket. It was dusky dark and I could barely make out the bucket. I was using open sites on my AR and hit it with the first shot at a hundred yards. There was quite the flash, but the Boom was masked by the crack of the rifle.

    It may not seem like much, hitting an object the size of a can of soup at 100 yards with a high powered rifle, but it was dark and I had cataract in both eyes at the time.

    I don’t know if elevation matters, but we were sitting at about 7,500 feet in Northern Colorado.

  3. Nice. It really was an earth-shattering kaboom.


    It’s also nice to see a tannerite explosion where someone doesn’t get hurt or near hurt because the shooters aren’t stupid idiots.

  4. LL/WSF- THAT… 🙂

    Mike- It was 2lbs of Tannerite, flat plate explosion at 125 yards. We were at 4500 feet

    Bill- Lousy cell phone.

    Beans- It was loud 🙂

    SCPO- Happy Birthday to us!

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