Coming attractions…

Gah- Sorry, the scheduler didn’t schedule this morning…

There is going to be a volume 2 of Tales Around the Supper Table!

There are some new authors joining us this time around, but the usual suspects are also present…LOL

And we’re working up the cover for my next book.

The tentative title is Diplomatic Immunity. Just went over 50k words last night on it.


And a little humor for your weekend, with Halloween coming, who knows what costumes we’ll see this year???



Coming attractions… — 8 Comments

  1. Heh heh, cool cartoon. Looks like you’re taking this writing thing pretty seriously? I’m gonna have to play catch up on that! Interesting cover.

  2. I’m continuously impressed by your output! I still haven’t written any fiction, uselessly.

    Write on.

  3. LSP- Trying… It’s getting to the point that truth really IS stranger than fiction. I can’t make up stuff that beats the ongoing issues… sigh

  4. “Rimworld: Title” I like it, it’s catchy. Looking forward to both the new reads. Is Lawdog doing another story of the fox shamans?