As if the whole cluster in Loudoun County couldn’t get worse…

Virginia law requires public schools to report specifically named serious crimes.

Rape is obviously a serious crime on that list.

But the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has refused to report those. They have a clean record.

It is little wonder that they claimed they had “no reports” of sexual assaults in bathrooms. They have no reports of any sexual assaults — it’s their policy.

They’ve been covering up sexual assaults at least as early as 2018.

Full article, HERE from Ace of Spades.

And it appears at least one member of the school board resigned yesterday, no reason given.

In other Virginia news, it appears McAuliffe has been caught in yet another lie about CRT…

“McAuliffe’s idea that it’s not taught in Virginia schools is verifiably false. We have records, including actual contract receipts from Loudoun County, Virginia. They actually are paying six hundred and twenty five dollars an hour for consulting. That specifically references critical race theory by name…The former superintendent even admitted in an email to parents that the ideology that they’re promoting in Loudoun county are directly aligned with critical race theory. And also in Fairfax County, we have Asian-American parents that are in revolt against changes to the advanced education system, and they argue that with the implementation of critical race theory ideology in Fairfax County schools, they’re now going after merit. They’re going after advanced classes…We have actual receipts and contract data. And so McAuliffe is trying to maintain that fiction until he can kind of run out the clock.”

Full article, HERE from Town Hall.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad none of my grandkids are in school in Virginia!

Sigh… What happened to teaching the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, along with Civics and state history???

Am I that damned old?


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  1. It’s one of those cases where the government has assumed power not granted by the citizens. In most places teachers are mandatory reporters, so are police officers and religious leaders.

    Then comes a school board that creates a rule where that’s no longer the case for THEM. It’s an illegal rule, it’s a pernicious rule, children are hurt and now the FBI targets parents who object. INSANITY. In support of that illegal rule.

    The point is that parents need to run for the school board and the special interest woke (assholes) presently seated on the board need to be voted out. This may end up being very much a national trend, or we need to simply do away with public education (I don’t support that).

    The government should be there to defend the weakest in society, not the strongest. Whether it’s kids in school or the elderly who have no voice… but somehow it flipped in the current range “let’s all be communists”. The current trend is that the government protects the powerful, allowing them to set themselves over the law.

  2. The school board member who resigned is facing a special prosecutor over conspiracy charges she arranged harassment of parents who criticized the school board.

  3. Unfortunately, three of my grandkids are in Virginia.

  4. It’s beyond time to reinstate the old vigilante system again . When little girls are getting raped by degenerates with no justice the people must respond . Rule .308 applies here .

  5. i was trying to talk with someone about education. she thought that High School and College would teach you al you would need to know, and I disagreed , I tried to explain that when you graduate High School you might know enough to figure things out that you need to know . How to find the information you need to make informed decisions , not how to be an obediant little conformist , (“You better start thinking like the rest of us Johnnie or it will go badly for you “)

  6. “I’m glad my kids/grandkids aren’t in Virginia”


    “I’m worried that my kids/grandkids are in Virginia”

    You wouldn’t have have to worry about the schooling of your progeny if you didn’t send them to government schools run by communists.
    You are sending your children into a meatgrinder run by your enemies. This is no better than sending your kids to schools in North Korea or Iran and then endlessly complaining about it. Get a clue already.

  7. I just read a similar writeup at Fran Poretto’s place. As I commented there, These meatsuits have names…and addresses.

  8. This is long but illustrative of how far education has fallen in a little over a century

    These are examples of questions eighth grade students were asked in 1910 in an Olympia, Washington, school district. Keep in mind, they needed to pass this exam to move on to high school.

    Would you be able to pass?

    Name three different ways in which a noun may be used in the nominative case, and three ways in which a noun may be used in the objective case.

    Mark diacritically the vowels in the following: banana, admire, golden, ticket, lunch.

    Spell 30 words including emblematic, declension, pernicious, laudanum and soliloquy.

    What has made the names of each of the following historical? Alexander Hamilton, U.S. Grant, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Cyrus W. Field, Clara Barton.

    How do you distinguish between the terms Puritans, Pilgrims, and Separatists?

    (a) State briefly the causes of the War of 1812. (b) Name two engagements. (c) Two prominent American Commanders.

    Name five important cities and five products of Canada.

    What and where are the following? Liverpool, Panama, Suez, Ural, Liberia, Quebec, Pikes Peak, Yosemite, Danube, San Diego.

    Divide 304,487 by 931.

    Find the square root of 95.6484.

    Find the sum of 5/9, 5/6, 3/4, 11/36.

    What number diminished by 33 1/3 percent of itself equals 38?

    Quote two stanzas of “America.”

    Name five American poets, and give a quotation from each.

    Female students in science class, early 20th century

    Female students in science class, early 20th century

    Trace a drop of blood from the time it enters the left ventricle, until it returns to its starting point, and name the different valves and principal arteries and veins through which it passes.

    Explain why health depends largely upon habit.

    Locate the thoracic duct.

    Give some good reasons why boys should not smoke cigarettes.

    What do you understand about the germ theory of disease?

    If you succeed in obtaining an eighth-grade diploma, do you expect to attend school next term? Where?

    This is what standards we need to Strive for NOT CRT or the next Alpha soup cause.

  9. NFO, yes, you are that old :). I remember one of our teachers in Secondary school saying ‘Gentlemen, we are here to teach you how to think. We are not here to teach you what to think’. Oh for those days.

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  11. Back in the 1970’s, Florida passed a Comprehensive Teacher Skills test, wherein the teachers must pass at least one grade higher than they were teaching.

    Guess which union got that taken away?


    As to teachers, guess which profession has more cases of child abuse and child sexual abuse per member of profession than the clergy (and that includes all the non-Catholic clergy, that are as bad or worse than the Catholic scandals.) If you said, per member, teachers are more likely to physically abuse, mentally abuse and sexually abuse children, you are correct.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. An education degree is usually the second easiest Bachelors and Masters degree to get. Only Social Services is easier. A degree in Physical Education is harder to get. And the Education Colleges will chase away smart people and people who believe in individuality. The colleges will actually attack and flunk people who are conservative, or religious or have an iota of self-worth.

    Even scarier, after the fall of the Soviet Union, guess where records show that the KGB spent lots of slush money on? If you said education programs then you are correct. They also bought out journalism schools, by the way. And law schools. Is it all starting to make sense?

    Dangit. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy nut, but, dangit…

    Schools are centered around group-think and ‘everybody wins’ and other socialist concepts. And not just elementary, middle and high schools. The rot has extended into colleges and universities. It’s gotten so bad that most Masters programs don’t require a thesis, and some PhD programs are there and more are following.

    And it’s bad that what was once taught in high school is now taught at the graduate level. Most universities spend the first two years catching students up to beginning high school level. And students entering most Masters programs are at what used to be ‘community college’ level.

    But all of this is known by our betters. And they count on it.

    Force people into not learning. Force them into debt peonage. Force them into group think. Force them into destroying the society. And all those little debt peonage peons will destroy what once made America great.

  12. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes, we DO need to take back the PTAs, school boards, and other controlling functions of education. Sigh…

    • Also, the common man and woman is now openly considered a threat by ‘the powers that be.’

      Average Joe and Jane are finally seeing what we’ve been seeing for decades.

  13. Am I that old?

    I’m not entirely sure it is an age thing. I am a little surprised that you don’t automatically assume that public schools are malicious and incompetent to the point that any loving parent would be better.

    she thought that High School and College would teach you al you would need to know


  14. Additionally: It is not that Virginia is a particularly bad state here. Where state government is in the hands of nominal conservative Republicans, the public schools are very much still terrible.

    The Education degree is a very bad degree. Even a good bureaucracy would find it impossible to do a great job employing people who have Education school training. Because the assumptions are theoretically flawed, and the instructors are ‘researchers’ and ‘scholars’ who have either not worked out the theoretical flaws, or who are deliberately not speaking of them. The bureaucracies we have use bureaucrats, not just bottom rung employees, who are deeply invested in the ‘training’ of Education degrees. It is like a factory that is officially ‘Lean/Six Sigma’, where no one has ever even learned statistics, no one takes any measurements or pays any attention to quality or process, and no one at all cares how much they waste or if they are shipping good product.

    Mandatory Reporters ignoring that requirement are not new.

    And hyper political teacher’s organizations are not only in Democrat controlled states.

    As for tertiary education… Seriously, look up that, I think hosted at Yale, January 12th letter signed by heads of Law Schools. Look at the states, and you will see a fair number of red states represented. Some of the schools in Red States who don’t have signatures on that, lack signatures due to lacking a law school.

  15. Let’s not forget that this whole “Let’s not report crimes, it might reflect poorly on us and interfere with the grant money pipeline.” thing is what also got us the Parkland school shooting, and all the fallout from that.

  16. The school board member that resigned was subject of a recall petition. The “special prosecuter” is the commonwealths attorney from a neighboring jurisdiction because the organizers of the petition objected to the Loudoun commonwealths attorney (first term Democrat, oh the horrors) doing the prosecution.

    The basic problem is the public education system in this country is run with interchangeable square pegs in the square holes and there is no significant deviation allowed. At the top is the state board of education who tells the lower level boards of education what to do. With that level of control there should be nothing significant taught or not taught that isn’t what the political masters of the teachers prescribe. To be a licensed teacher one must fill in all the boxes, dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s all the time. And have an astronomical tolerance for mickey mouse. I know I couldn’t do it.

    The parent group that got the petition together to start the process to remove the school board member who resigned looks pretty astroturf to me. Never heard of any of them in the parent groups I know of. And where did this well organized group suddenly spring up from, they don’t look local grass roots to me.

  17. Bob- Good point.

    Dr.- Yes, there is THAT little cluster****

    Iron- I ‘think’ they are actually parents that have had enough, and have a couple of lawyers in the group.

  18. What did all of you think would happen to schools when the Progressives decided back in the 1880-90’s era to take over the schools and dumb down the curriculum? They didn’t like the idea of smart people working in the new factories of the Industrial Era. They have controlled them since Theo Roosevelt’s time. (As a side line, they apparently trained the Russians that started their revolution after WW1. No wonder our State Dept loved the Soviets.)

    The only reason I can think for people to like their government schools is that they act like babysitters, while mom works. Know why mom has to work? To pay taxes to support all the social programs. Back in the 50’s, a family didn’t require both parents to work to make ends meet. Income taxes required this by the mid 60’s, and it just continued to get worse.

  19. Another thought:

    My mom would not be surprised at or disbelieving of problems in the schools. She paid close attention to my education, and had some work experience that was adjacent.

    My dad was much less intimately involved in my education, and had employment that wasn’t exposing him to this stuff in other ways. He is pretty trusting, and I’m sure does not understand that things are this terrible.

    When I thought about the fact that you were a naval pilot, and then immediately after that a defense industry engineer, I thought “isn’t his background likely closer to my dad’s than it is to my mom’s?”

    I’m pretty sure you have kids, and am not sure how I would compare in age. So, possibly age could be a factor, but I have to wonder if it isn’t more likely that you are very sensitive to engineering and security problems, and less so to some of these others sorts of damage.