An interesting take on things…

From another ‘view’ of what is going on today and the impact…

Righteousness is simply the sense that one’s cause is so just that “the ends justify the means” – the ends could be anything. A critical feature of righteousness is the belief in the perfectibility of man and earth. It is often accompanied by philosophical progressivism, the view that the world becomes a better place, morally speaking, over time.

Righteousness requires coercion. This necessitates a large administrative state to enforce the prevailing diktats of the secular-religious. An excellent example from recent history is the campaign against tobacco, which in the span of a few years was chased from every public place.

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Personally, I believe Sam has nailed it with this one. What happens next IS up to us. Do we knuckle under to the proggies or do we stand up to them?

Those are about the only two options left, due to the current administration’s policies. I do believe we are starting to see pushback on a few fronts, but I also see the administration countering that pushback with DOJ and ‘other’ threats like the IRS…

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  1. Well, he’s (or she’s!) absolutely right. I saw this coming a long time ago, with the tobacco thing, but the underlying philosophy is much older — it traces to two roots, really — the Puritans in England and their Transcendentalist descendants (Emerson, Thoreau, and their fellow travellers) in New England, and the French secular humanist philosophers.

    For that matter, one of the interpretations of the Book of Job (a marvelously difficult book in many ways!) is the folly of just this sort of thinking.

    The underlying sin, if one wishes to pigeonhole, is hubris.

  2. Thing about a threat, if it is intended to deter, the people making the threat should avoid doing things as bad to the people who comply.

    So, that isn’t countering the pushback, that is psychotic flailing that will create more pushback.

  3. It about POWER. They will burn the place to the ground just to rule over the ashes. They will not stop until they ARE stopped.

  4. Pushback needs to come. Just as the Southwest pilots did and as I read about a group of workers in Ala or Miss did, walk off the job when the Company said they must take the jab. This is going to have to be nationwide and in all government offices and positions. From the federal, state, and local positions if they demand you take the jab walk away and protest. It will hurt for a while but every just fight for individual freedom and choice comes with a cost but in the end it will be worth it.

  5. Ian- Concur!

    Bob- Agreed, kinda makes one wonder about how ‘valid’ the threat is…

    RHT- No question. Well, the question is how to we stop them.

    John- You are on the money. When businesses have to fire WILLING workers, they will start taking a hard look at what the next steps are. Chicago PD ‘may’ be the first chink in the official wall.

  6. You know, I just wanted to be left alone to age in peace and bounce the still putative grandbabies on my knee. When the time comes, I’m going to take a gigantic case of the ill-ass out on these people for stealing that from me.

  7. WSF- Amen!

    RHT- ROTFLMAO! Yep, he put a point on it, no question. And I’m waiting to see what Chicago is going to do.

  8. Bunch of “philosophers” who can’t see the reality that they have stumbled over.

    I suspect that the VAXX is a tactical move to create employment opportunities for the “Diversity” defectives who could not accomplish anything on their own.

    There are “small” risks with the vaccines and some possible long-term risks since there has been no long-term study of these mRNA “wonder weapons”. Vulnerability to the Chink Coff comes from comordidities, i.e. untreated medical issues. Commercial pilots have repeated health screening and probably can’t work if they have health problems. They are at minimal to no risk of death and/or hospitalization from the Coff. A significant number may be fired if they don’t get the vaccine although there is risk and no real benefit to them.

    That removes individuals who can think for themselves and makes room for “defectives” who will follow orders. A number of countries have gone to un-experienced school-taught flight crews for “automated” aircraft. The Progressives seem to believe the fantasy that anyone can be schooled to do anything and that it is only “Racism” that keeps so many of their favored races out of lucrative jobs. Thus using the fiction of the importance of vaccination clears out many of the existing (White) employees thus allowing them to train up their favored “sub-standard” people. You are going to enjoy the dim, inexperienced, distractable, hostile flight crew, if you survive.

    Forced retirement of the existing crew at the USPS allowed them to hire a whole bunch of “special” people, some of whom can’t even read address labels. That worked so well for “them” that they are moving that plan into the entire economy using the vaccine as a justification.

    It is going to be a fun ride……

  9. Yup. He nailed it.
    Been watching this coming for years now, but always had trouble putting it so clearly into words.

    It’s the reason I moved and why I picked where I moved to. It all just happened a little faster than I was expecting it to.
    Sadly, there is no getting off of this ride we are now on, or turning it around. The civil war, death camps, they’re down the road a ways from where we are now – but they are THERE and we WILL get to them.

    It’s hard to believe what will happen next – the violence the death, the starvation, the crumbling of social order, and the intervention of other countries looking to ‘loot the corpse’.
    These are things that always ‘happened to others’ and so the idea that it can happen to us is just too hard to believe. Just like being robbed, shot, and murdered.

    Whenever someone is about to do something bad, something truly violent, something nasty, to another person – they get this brief look on their face, this attitude. It only lasts an instant and if you’re not paying attention that subtle brief shift won’t be noticed. People do it, animals do it, and even countries do it. It’s like that very brief moment where a rue goes from something good to complete burned crap.

    We’re just at the very beginning of the ‘burned crap’ stage.

  10. Ask yourself this simple question….have we ever had a president who in a few months made so many dumb, decisions, that brought the country into SO MANY MAJOR PROBLEMS, and CRISES?
    You’d think that the stupid Afghanistan decision and the Border Crises would be more than enough to GET RID of the President! . But we haven’t seen the last of Biden’s INEPT decisions that ultimately, and eventually lead to MAJOR crises. Biden is a walking .nightmare! A incompetent, Corrupt, inept, politician. And a failure as the leader of this country!
    And we can NOT expect anything good to happen to American for the remainder of his term, no matter how long, or short it may last. What we CAN look foward to is a sinking economy, a new round of COVID LOCKDOWNS ,and more, and more “Mandates”, and more of our citizens being Fired because of them.
    Our Citizens are losing their jobs because of their decision to refuse the vaccine, while we are seeing TEN’S of Thousands Illegal Invaders entering the Country WITHOUT BEING VACCINATED.
    The economic downturn that we are seeing today is leading to a BIG domino effedt and setting off a Chain the shortage of goods that are on these Cargo Ships, that can’t get docked and unloaded because of the lack of workers, and tTuck Drives to deliver the goods to the stores.
    Afghanistan became a Strong Hold for Islamic terrorism, which threatens our homeland. All because of Biden’s surrender which is now leading to threats to American Interests and our National Security.

    This Failed administration I seems to be wrong on everything!
    Everything BiDumb touches seems to turn into Major problems…:
    The British are already sick of him, and his policies.
    The French pulled their ambassador, and who knows how they will recat to us in the future.
    He pissed off the Canadians by killing the KeystoneXL pipeline
    He sold us out to Afghanistan, and made the Taliban rich by Confiscating our Supplies, Weapons, and Vehicles.
    His Crack-Head Son is enjoyed the Millions of Dollars that the Moscow Mayor’s wife sent the Bidens
    Hunter his having a Ball with the Millions that China gave Hunter for his Ridicules Art.
    The southern border is a catastrophe after Trump had it SOLVED, and Our Vice President don’t even want to get involved in it.
    Runaway Inflation just Gets Worse, and Nancy is making it even Worse with that RIDICULOUS 3.5 billion “infrastructure” bills, that will INCLUDE the $200,000,000 for Fancy Nancy’s Park in San Francisco.
    While Dumb BiDumb can’t even do fake press conferences without answering “Ice Cream” questions.

    All this while Joey’s Department of Justice sends the FBI to arrest Kid’s Parents from School Board Meeting who ask questions at School Board Meetings.
    I could go on and on, but I know that you already know these things.

    But as you know Biden’s biggest problem is that he’s oblivious to reality. He has no logic behind what he does, he does things without any intelligence and he routinely underestimates the American peoples grasp of all the things that go right over his head. He actually thinks the people believe when he tells us that “the border is closed, the border is secure, the Afghanistan withdraw was a big success, mask and vaccine mandates are indispensable, punishing a parents free speech at a school board meeting is a good thing, his Sons Ukraine job and the millions he received from Russia and China had nothing to do with his influence and position, his Son’s idiotic Painting success is legit, inflation and our chain of supply are Trump’s fault, but he has corrected it., our failure in dealing with COVID is Trump’s fault” etc. etc. etc. Logic and common sense tell people this guy is a bullshit artist at best and a compulsive liar at worst. People DON’T trust or believe him and that causes uncertainty which causes tension which will eventually lead to violence.

    The House Democrats are hurting this country, and perhaps fatally.

    America was energy independent, economically stable and on the way to recovering from the Wuhan Covid virus..
    Nine months later we find the opposite happening in America… We see fuel shortages, higher costs for food, fuel, our National Security, and our Health is being tested by the immigration crisis. WE also see our economy collapsing, more, and more shortages with food, energy and material shortages, instability in Taiwan, Ukraine and the Middle East, and we left Americans behind in Afghanistan.
    There is a collapse coming. China will use that as an excuse to invade Taiwan and Russia invading the Ukraine. Meanwhile the US and EU will use the situation to sweep away individual liberty and capitalism to usher in the “New World Order” as being seen in Australia.
    With Mr. Potatohead crowdsare hollering “F*** JOE BIDEN” at Football games, The potato head’s handlers are going to try and ram as much of their Pay-Off Bills down our throats as they can.
    What looks like disaster to many Americans is actually the stunning success to the Progressive Marxist, Democrat Commie Left. At this point, I’d bet that even France is wishing they had Donald Trump back.
    So, how much more damage to America is it going to take to make you BiDumb supporters stop supporting him and his party?
    Is there ANY level of damage that would cause you to turn against the Democrats
    and even support that Big, Bad, Orange Man? AFTER Biden took control and REVERSED ALL OF TRUMP’S ACTIONS. This kind of dumbass rhetoric from feckless, clueless Lefties tells me they aren’t even bright enough to understand that while blaming the “others” may make them feel good, it’s going to help nothing!
    Hating me for telling you, or any other Trump supporter won’t put a single bite of food on your table. It won’t keep the roof over your head or defend you from the criminal actions that your own party has weaponized against average Americans. In short, YOU will suffer the same amount as the rest of us and your whining and spewing of hate against the other party, won’t help you a bit. You were warned but you refused the warnings and have surrendered our Liberty and freedoms.