How the narrative changes depending on the ‘players’…

The Waukesha massacre doesn’t fit the narrative the mainstream media typically likes to promote, so they’ve been generally trying to ignore it.

If certain details were different, the story would be getting endless coverage and analysis. But, even when the MSM does cover it, somehow, they manage to beclown themselves.

Case in point: The Washington Post. The Jeff Bezos-owned publication published an in-depth analysis of how the massacre unfolded, declaring, “Here’s what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by a SUV.”

Full article, HERE.

Sooooo, I’m guess the next thing we hear will be a call to ban SUVs… sigh…

And I know this is late, but still funny as hell, all things considered!


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  1. Damn self driving SUVs just starting themselves up and looking for crowds of people to mow over.

    • It’s like the guns that magically load and shoot themselves with no human involvement!

  2. Well, when you melt down all those self-aware and highly murderous guns, their evil souls transfer into whatever else is made from their tainted metals. So we get evil SUVs with minds of their own.

    Or the eneMedia is full of idjits suffering from rectal-cranial inversions, who should all become good communists and socialists. And I mean GOOD communists and socialists.

    The Washington Examiner is a much more balanced news source.

    As to Bezos, what, you trust a man whose space company is even slower than legacy aerospace?

  3. When do our “informers” get back to “Not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character”?
    Jesse Jackson had it right…
    I’m worried when “people of color” follow me on the street.
    MLK was right. And we need to beat that drum like crazy.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    The Legacy Media are turning themselves into pretzels trying to not “Offend the POC community” by describing the dastardly deed, it goes against the narrative, ya know. And the cartoon is brilliant.

  5. It’s not about offending ‘the POC community’.

    They are perfectly willing to cause offense.

    Forex, the race nutjobs in the school systems are willing to outright say that they don’t intend to teach people mathematics properly. Rather than ‘address’ the ‘gap’ by doing the work to teach people, they are going to pretend that they are fixing things by deliberately refusing to do what they are employed to do. So, a) that gap may have been their fault in the first place b) wealthy folks and educated folks still have alternatives like homeschooling and private schooling c) thus they are actively and knowingly making things worse, and if you want to hold them to account, you are terrorist.

    In this case, their refusal to be honest has nothing to do with offense, and everything to with scheming and will to power.

    Their whole scheme falls apart if people see that this was a BLM terror soldier, reprising for the deaths of other BLM terror soldiers.

    Fundamentally, these people wish to harm /everyone/ who isn’t a violent felon.

    Someone not a felon can desire peace with them with all of their heart, and it will not be reciprocated.

  6. This is a CLASSIC screw-up from the WaPo (or as I have called it before, the WaPoo (it WaPoops).