It was obviously a BORING news week in our little town…

Unlike the MSM, the reporter played it straight with me, and the article is accurate! Although she did get one series title wrong… But nobody is perfect…LOL

Edit- Here is the rest of the interview if you’re THAT bored… 🙂


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  1. Congratulations for the recognition Mr. Curtis. Well deserved praise.

  2. Nice for you to get the recognition, the paper even has the story under Premium Content online… slow news day indeed 😉

  3. Well done indeed!

    Getting the details right about locations and real things makes reading much more enjoyable.
    And my wife thanks you because she doesn’t have to hear me complaining about writers who never have held or shot a gun.

  4. “Rimfire” may not be the correct title for the series, but it’s a great one. Perhaps that could be a follow-on series title?

  5. Good story, and ya never know where someone else decides to read some.

    “It was made up of short stories of blogs and in gun forums.” Her editor missed that, too, but we get the gist.

    Attention to details makes the vignettes and books flow better, and keeps us in the story. The characters aren’t perfect but are believable, with the rough edges in “happened over there” space and not breaking flow.

    Sounds like a publisher will want the big bottle of Tabasco. That crow sandwich is mighty cold and was on the lane a loooong time.

  6. All too often I’ve had a good yarn at least partially ruined by an author who knew nothing of firearms and I do appreciate those who do.

  7. That’s fantastic!! You’re famous!!! I do think Rimfire would be a great name for a series too…. 🙂

  8. Fun read. Not to mention it keeps ya’ busy.
    Congratulations on a fulfilling 3rd career.

  9. Dang it, I flipped my laptop over turning to page 5…..

    Good stuff neighbor!!

  10. Very Cool, and the rib lived in Iowa Park many many years ago when her Dad was stationed there. She has a lot of memories of the tornados and how they responded.

  11. And I’m glad SOMEBODY is getting guns ‘n horses right! I hate reading about “slowly rotated the cylinder on his Semi-automatic Blastomatic”. And NFO writings on horses have educated me.

    “Holiday trash pickup schedule” needs to be on the front page no matter where the paper is published- that kinda info is important! Wait, what? That isn’t what we were ‘sposed to look at?

    • You, sir, are a gentleman; you’ve ignored my past tequila-fueled snarkiness, for which I thank you.

      Trash schedule has been an issue here, too. Have a holiday, skip the pickup until next week versus merely a day late. Gah!

      Rimfire-Rimworld ha! There’s a farce spin-off story lurking in there.

      I still prefer 1MC over PA, but your audience’s background must be considered. Keep up the good work!

  12. Hey Old NFO;

    *WOW*, That is a heck of a writeup, and well deserved, I hope you got several copies of that newspaper article and will frame at least one of them.

  13. Centered among pumpkin, COVID, street signs, and trash schedule. Nice centering if nothing else. 🙂

    Very good, straightforward article — she will never make it if she moves to the big city and hires on to one of the mainstream swamp papers.

  14. I think the reporter may have conflated “dialogue” and “dialect” along with the “Rimfire” goof. I found the “Rimfire” goof amusing particularly since you can read “Rimworld” on the covers in the photo. On the other hand, it was a positive article, prominently placed.

  15. You Bet! Awesome set of news reports. As they say, all publicity is good whether right or wrong. Am looking forward to the next SF installment.