An odd request…

I’m going to try something…

I want to do a German and a Polish translation of the first Grey Man novels and see if they will sell over there.

Soooo, what I need is someone(s) that- A. Are native speakers and readers. B. Have time. C. Willing to do it for a small fee.

I have used a ‘supposedly’ very good translation program, but I really want some people who are native speakers/readers to look the translations over and edit any mistakes, (grumble… past experience with translating Spanish- Thanks to Miggy saving my butt more than once!) I can pay a bit, and will give them signed copies for their time/effort.

I’ll provide both the English and translated versions to those folks.

Thanks in advance!



An odd request… — 8 Comments

  1. I have relations that are German fluent. I’ll ask. If you want to contact me with a “page” to translate, for an example to them, it would probably help in presenting your offer.

  2. Fo the German first. From what I know, that is the default second language of most of Eastern Europe, after or instead of English.
    You might also want to footnote the book in a few places to expand on purely American concepts / experiences / attitudes.
    Hoping for a wider audience and more sales

  3. I took German in college, LO!, those many, Many, MANY years ago. Help you, I can not. I am bummmmmmmed.

  4. My cousin is likely fluent enough to translate English to German. Shoot me an email if you’d like me to put you in touch with her.

  5. German here.
    Longtime reader, sometimes commenter. Also a mod on Mr. Gonzalez forum so there’s some reference 😀

    I could help.

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