Well crap…

I haz the coof…

Got the ‘usual’ prescription, Z pack and a Steroid. We’ll see how this progresses.

So blogging commenting may be light for a couple of days while I fight this mess off, I hope…

Oh yeah, and I DID get the vaccine (Moderna)… sigh


Well crap… — 30 Comments

  1. Take care of yourself and get over it as soon as possible. Your shorter or absent content here is completely understandable.

  2. Vaccines wholly ineffective, therefore not actually vaccines.

    Take care of yourself. Watch out for pneumonia trying to kick you while you’re down.

  3. The vaccines (sic) were never intended to prevent anyone from getting Covid. They were intended to reprogram your immune system for some as yet unascertained reason…..though we can take a pretty good guess what that reason is. But with rare exception, the virus itself is not particularly dangerous. Depending on age your odds of survival run from 95% to 99.9%. In two years pretty much EVERYONE I have seen in my hospital admitted for the Shanghai Shivers was either quite old or quite fat. Healthy people showed symptoms but not serious enough to be admitted.

  4. Wishing you a quick and uneventful recovery.

    You have plenty of books finish writing.

  5. Lots of vit D3 and zinc, and if you have any drug dealing friends:IVERMECTIN Works, as long as given BEFORE the ventilator stage.
    But, TPTB have said it is VERBOTEN
    and they DEMAND that you die in a:

    “Loud, Grotesque military manner”


  6. I had the coof two weeks ago. Took about a week and a half to feel fully human again. Pretty sure it was the new one even though the home test came out negative.

    Didn’t go to my chest but I went through two boxes of Kleenex. In addition to MSG Grumpy on D and zinc, I was taking quercitin, which is an anti-inflammatory. And the latest study out of Brazil (150,000 subjects) was very positive on Ivermectin (as were the other 30-some studies).

    Hope you feel better quickly!!

    • MC, yep I forgot the quercitin…
      I just started adding this to my routine as the data shows very good for prevention and help fighting any infection!

  7. Hubby has it. Again. After having it last March and getting 2 shots of Pfizer since then.

    Take care of yourself. Praying you mend quickly.

    F*** Covid. Life needs to go to normal.

  8. Sitting on a lot of ivermectine here. ping me if you want me to ship you a few doses. It works(along with the usual supliments) both as a preventative and a treatment.

  9. I also had the ‘rona twice: once before, and once after, the Moderna “vaccine” shots. Feel better & get better soonest, sir. Sounds like you’re on the right track already.

  10. Bed rest and bourbon. Get better ASAP, that’s an hors d’oeuvre.

    BTW I have had to change my horses worming schedule because all the ivermectin has disappeared from the shelves.

  11. Moderna worked for me, a year ago. No problems then; none now,

      • Seriously? Where’d you find that information? I was cooped up with my wife for 10 days when she had the Rona. Was exposed to my kids when they got it. Never caught it.

  12. All- Thanks! Drug cocktail seems to be working and yes Ivermectin/HCQ is in the mix. Already taking zinc and D3, so ahead of the game there. Coughing less, and nothing productive today, which is good.

    My only concern is SIX steroids on the first day… DAYUM!!! Reminds me, I need to get yogurt (yech) to get the stomach back up to speed when I can get out.

  13. Z-pack to ward off secondary bacterial infections, ‘roids to help your own body fight off the coof. VitD, Zinc and magnesium. Get better and now you will have the Natural Anti-Coof!

  14. Good info from all.
    Update us on symptoms and progress, plz.
    At 75 I’m taking LOTS of pills as prophylactics. (And with my history I think my immune system is near-bulletproof anyway.)
    Lick this soon, pard.

  15. Good luck! Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

  16. Susan- Yep!

    GB- Will do! And yeah, all the shots we got over the years have definitely ‘helped’… I think…

    TOS- Thanks!

  17. Hope you’re feeling better. Just remember at the first signs of any sort of breathing issue, back to the doc forthwith.

  18. Wait!
    No mention of either Guinness or Jamison?!?
    What sort of quacks are you?

  19. Hey Old NFO;

    Get Better!!, Do the Vitamins like everyone suggested. That is what I used to beat it….Twice.

  20. We got it. Been over ten days, still congested. I have the cough, Mrs. Drang has nasal congestion. She went and got re-tested, and of course came back positive, because the test just shows you’re had a coronavirus in the last 6 months.

    It’s a cold. It has always been a cold, but now that it has evolved into the more contagious but less dangerous Omicron variant, it is really obvious that… It really is just another cold.

    Mind you, last time I had a cold with a cough that lasted as long as this one, it turned into pneumonia, so…