Well, I’m five days into the coof, four days into treatment. No fever, no loss of smell or taste. Feeling tired, but that’s about it. Coughing, but nothing productive. One side note- Monday evening the FDA cancelled all monoclonal antibody treatment for the coof, HERE, but are continuing to push the Pfizer’s pill Paxlovid, but good luck finding it…

There is a version that does seem to work against the current strain, but .gov is controlling that with an iron fist, and it’s questionable if that version is still approved.

Thanks to friends, I’m taking those pills that can never be named, in addition to the prescribed meds, which are tearing my stomach up (remind self- get yogurt to replace probiotics- yech). And my sinuses are running full time! Gotta love sinusitis on top of this mess…

Thank you to the many that have texted, emailed, and called to check on me. I’m still around and as grumpy as ever.

Also, thank you for the honest reviews on Rimworld- Diplomatic Immunity. One of my frustrations is the 3 an 4 star reviews without any comments! If you gave me a low review, PLEASE tell me what you didn’t like. How else are we supposed to improve as writers if we don’t get that feedback from the readers??? Sigh…


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  1. I had it 2 weeks ago. I still have the sinus drainage and cough. If I hadn’t tested positive, I’d have thought it was one of the sinus infections I get from time to time. Still not sure it isn’t.

    • My home test was negative but had all of the symptoms described, except the cough. So not sure either.

  2. Wasn’t the monoclonal antibody treatment the one that they were using in Florida, to the scorn of the “medical” establishment, until they realized it was working and federalized it (thus keeping those damn Floridians from getting it) and now they’ve banned it in favor of more money for Pfizer? If I’m right in my recollections they just keep doubling down on stupid.

    Meanwhile, sounds like a bad case of the flu. Hope you feel better.

    • Yes, they were. And since our governor, DeSantis, went around the Fed blockade (like a good Southerner would and should) and got them directly, rather than from Fed stores, the Feds had to do something. Which, in this case, is cutting off everyone’s nose to spite DeSantis’ face.

      You know, sh…tuff like this is what led to the American Civil War of Northern Aggression and Southern Independence. Yankee feds saying Southerners can’t do and can’t have stuff that the Yankees do and have, and if the Southerners get to sell, buy or make their own, the Yankees will find some way to lawfare-ly shut down what the Southerners are doing.


  3. Vit C, 1000 mg, 50 mg Zinc, D3 Per wifes Dr. We also had Tonic water ( Fever Tree or Q). Livestock still had to be cared for so plenty of walking in the fresh air and sunshine. Back to work after a week.

  4. Seems very little rhyme or reason to what helps with the Chi-flu, except if the twits are twittering something down, that thing is more likely to help than hurt.

    I’m real glad it’s not serious. You are more than tough enough to beat an annoying bug, as long as it doesn’t go heavy duty.

    Doc added ‘D’ levels to what she watches in my blood work. She and her partners are hot on a short list of important things we should take to cut the severity of the Chi-flu. D, C, Benadryl, allergy meds.

    On the book, I didn’t leave a review. I don’t think I read enough to give it a fair chance. There is a writing affectation in it that just threw me off, and I stopped reading. The worst part is, I do that exact thing myself. Now that I read it by someone else’s hand, I have to beat myself about the head when I try to do it myself.

    That would be the ‘…’ delay while a character is speaking.

    I have always done that, and when *I* write it, it translates in my head. Now I see it from another writers perspective, and I can’t deal with it.

  5. Time for my pacemaker replacement/upgrade seems my doctor likes me enough to explain why they call it a heart stop. His nurse is smothering me with admonitions. Live in a fine world of help when we need it, just wear a mask… Trust everything will continue in your favor as you heal.

  6. All- Thanks for the comments.

    Hereso- You are correct… sigh

    Art- Yes, that is exactly what it does, shows a break in the speech. Sorry about that.

    Earl- Prayers for you.

    And I’m realizing again how much I HATE yogurt… can’t stand the taste, but have to eat it for the stomach.

    • There is pro-biotic cottage cheese if you prefer that.

    • Are you eating plain yogurt? Don’t bother, get the fruit filled versions. My preferred is the blueberry. Good taste, and they are good for you.

  7. Knock on wood (or head, same thing) I’ve escaped the bug so far. In fact, haven’t had “the flu” in ten years. What I do is lots of supplements, especially Vitamin D and minerals. For the past ten years I’ve taken 5 drops twice daily of 30-35% H2O2.

    My original motivation was cancer prevention (an affliction of nearly 50% of my paternal relatives). I’m not a doctor, nor do I stay at Holiday Inn Express, but I’m not stopping. For others, YMMV.

  8. Sorry to hear you got the ‘vid. If you don’t have access to one, get an O2 monitor. Pneumonia still seems to be the most common cause of death.

  9. The funny thing is that all of the symptoms of Omnimechcron are just average seasonal allergy issues for me. Yes, for 2 weeks in the Spring and Fall I am flat out bed-rested, coughing up my lungs, running fevers, everything tastes like bad oatmeal, every third mouthful is full of lung-butter (there’s many reasons I don’t eat oysters, and that’s one of them, the texture is reminiscent of what I cough up, flavor’s not too far away either,) and just every joint in my body hurts like rheumatic fever.

    Oh.. my.. GOD! I’m Patient ZERO!! Or not, just seasonal allergies.

    Eh, it is what it is. Looking forward to the 20lb weight loss I experience every time. Of course, it’s not nearly so noticeable since my body discovered ’rounded’ was a viable shape.

    But, yes, hope you heal and get well. Get some sun, if you can. The old-school wrap-up in blankets and sit in the sun is actually a useful technique of getting both sunlight and sweating out the toxins.

    Second what Mike Watson said. Nice little O2 monitor, always a good thing.

  10. Thanks for the reminder to leave a review, which I’ve now done. The book is a great installment in Fargo’s ongoing (mis)adventures.

    Re: the creeping crud, sorry it got you. Since I had round two of the ‘rona in October, my antibody count is pretty high. The ‘cron hasn’t hit me yet, anyway. Prayers for you, sir.

  11. Clayton- I hate that even more… shudder…

    WSF- Yes, we had that discussion. Thanks!

    Mike- Working on it!

    Beans- I’ve been going out and ‘sunning’ as much as I can, considering the weather, and I’ve been taking D3 for over a year.

    Rev- Appreciate it! And hopefully it will pass you by! Although roommate came down with it today, and he’s had V1 of the coof, AND the J&J… sigh

  12. There are probiotic pills, and gummies. You don’t have to eat yogurt, and as a matter of fact it may not be the most effective thing to repopulate your gut flora with. Look for them with more than one active strain, and you can get them on the ‘Zon if need be.

  13. Anyone like us that has ingested the coffee we’ve forced ourselves to drink over the years will survive this unscathed.
    Keep the updates comin’.

  14. Hang in there, and Prayers In The Air. I’ve had one bad cold this year (knock wood…), but never ran a fever. Wouldn’t surprise me if I’ve been exposed to the Kung Flu, but I’ve never been tested…

  15. Hang in there man, it’s a bastard. 13 months out and I’m still 60% nose dead.

    The trick is to not get pneumonia too, that shit seems to kill most of the folks the get it.

  16. I’m still very tired and run down. Hope you bounce back faster.

    BTW, I don’t think the monoclonal antibodies did anything, so you probably didn’t miss much.

  17. Blood clots. I had covid pneumonia a year ago. Coughed continuously, but my O2 level never dropped below 92%. I was about over it when I got a blood clot in my right lung. That put me in the hospital for a weekend.

  18. early last summer I received s notice I had terminal, inoperable cancer on my liver, seen the galbladder nd the bile duct both had to go! ! When I disappear from the ranks, that is where Iv’e gone, So if sometime in the spring or early in spring or summerI dissearpear from the ranked of th answerers, That is where I’m at!