No throwback today, unless it’s me…

Just not feeling it…

But I did see this and… well make your own judgements!


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  1. Everybody on board this site is wishing you well and that your conditions improve. You are in my prayers.

  2. Raises hand…oh oh oh in Horshak voice…Mr. Kotter, Mr. Kotter, do they use to get the “natural flavor”…Beef juice?

    • I always laugh when I see the impossible meat being sold next to organic produce.

  3. Hope this thing gets gone sooner rather than later, prayers still offered

  4. Yep. Beef is so much less healthy than the pound of chemicals they use to flavor artificial meat.

  5. It’s the farts.
    Soybeans don’t fart, do they?
    I hate to admit it… but my Bride ordered a Whopper and sat eating it while I ate my Chicken sandwich. I noticed her sandwich was “impossible” and asked if she intended to by a veggie burger. She was surprised. I tried the taste…
    And I was surprised.
    But after eating it, I farted like crazy.

  6. Randy- Thanks!

    Beans- Ummm…yeah, right…

    GB- LOL, haven’t tried one, not planning to. Outgassing supposedly IS an issue with them…

  7. “Meat is murder!”

    Tasty, tasty murder . . . If we weren’t meant to eat animals, they wouldn’t taste so good. (In my opinion).

    • It was for dinner tonight, when my wife and I went out and got sandwiches. Beef ravioli and beef stew are both likely in the next few nights. There will likely be chicken in between.