The left/dems are totally losing their s**t over guns…

Democrat Representative David Cicilline of Rhode Island said a bit of the anti-gun left’s quiet part out loud in a House hearing on Thursday when he went on a rant against the constitutionally protected rights of the American people.

Full article, HERE, with video…

So he flat out says he doesn’t care about Constitutional rights…

And they want to take our guns. Specifically semi-auto rifles (and semi-auto pistols) and standard capacity magazines.

Let’s start with AR-15s- Estimates are there are 15-20 MILLION ARs in the US. Now lets add 5 magazines per rifle (may be a low estimate). That is 100 MILLION magazines, and most people have enough ammo to fill the magazines, so that is 3 BILLION rounds of .223/5.56 ammo.

Let’s say there are 500,000 AKs, 50,000 SCARs (16 and 17), and 50,000 ‘other’ bullpups, etc. each with 5 magazines. That’s another 3 MILLION magazines and 60 MILLION additional rounds of ammunition.

Now let’s talk pistols… Nothing I can find gives us any hard numbers, so these are cumulative guesses, FWIW.

Glocks- Around 8 MILLION in the US since 1988. Each with 5 magazines, and 17 rounds.  Add in another 2 MILLION CZs, BHPs, Berettas, S&W, etc. with 5 magazines and 13 round magazines. Total all that up, and you’re looking at another 810 MILLION rounds of ammo.

Soooo… They are talking about taking in the neighborhood of 30.6 million guns, 153 million magazines, and something around 4 billion rounds of ammo away from Americans.

Seeing how well CT and NY have done with their ‘mandatory’ compliance rules for ARs, IMHO, they will play holy hell trying to do that in any way shape form or fashion.

I don’t think they could come up with the money, or the facilities to do buybacks (and watch them go right back out the back door (in certain agencies). Nor do I see them finding anybody that would volunteer to go door to door to collect them (including from the very LEOs supposed to be enforcing the rule). The military? I don’t know…


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  1. You have said what I always thought. There are too many guns to be confiscated and if they try, all the guns will either go into hiding or be used against the confiscators. And what about the local sheriffs that promoted concealed carry? Will they suddenly change their position? Any plan to confiscate guns will fail.

    • In the progun states, I would not look for state and local law enforcement to help the feds confiscate guns. In fact, I can see them meeting the feds at the county line and saying “Ain’t no assault weapons in this county, turn around and go on home while you can.” Now in parts of the Northeast and on the West Coast, it could be a different matter.

      If the feds seriously try, it could get ugly quick and make the breakup of Yugoslavia look like a church picnic.

      • Both CA and NY had a less than 10% response to their “assault weapon” bans. That does not bode well for confiscation measures.

  2. If this passes the House and Senate, those people will be out of office unless cheating keep them in during their next election. This has already been to the Supreme Court in 2008 and would not be valid. If the government attempts to take them away it will become bloody quickly. It would start the brake up of the country and likely CW2 as people will not give up their guns.

    • If they can take (more) away of our God-given rights, what makes you think that our votes matter?

      As to the Supreme Court, if they can ram this crap down our throats then they can include a provision expanding the Supreme Court to 1001 if they want.

      For a politician to openly say the Constitution doesn’t matter (which they say behind doors all the time) tells me we’ve reached end-times.

      Come the Hunger this fall, we’re done. It’s going to be either open warfare or full feudalism and The Hunger Games.

      • The Hunger will not be this Fall. Fall is for stolen non-elections. The Hunger will be, as it always has been in non-industrial societies, in late Winter and Early Spring, when stored food has run out, and the Spring crops are not yet ready to eat.
        We have been protected from this by our massive food production (gone), and our ability to cheaply import out of season foods from the Southern hemisphere (also gone / going, due to fuel prices / availability).
        I anticipate that things may get Mediaeval on us. Prepare as you can, pray, and have your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.
        John in Indy

        • Saw an article on a 1000 acre walnut farm that bulldozed 500 acres under, due to being unable to reliably obtain shipping to their normal buyers out of country. They intend to switch to almonds, which can sell in the US, and store much longer than walnuts do. CA exports most of their huge walnut production around the world. They kept 1/2 their trees, in hopes of things getting back to normal at some point. Yeah, good luck there…

  3. So the Uvalde P.D. is coming to take our guns. Right. Still, point taken. The day is fast approaching when those who carry a badge will be force to choose between that badge and their oath to the Constitution. Sad that there are those that will choose instead the three P’s–Paycheck, Promotion, and Pension. Glad we escaped Kalifornia when we did. Speaking for myself, either they bring enough firepower, or they don’t.

    • 3Ps don’t look so good at some point when spicy time starts. When you are dead you can spend a paycheck or pension or get promoted. Not advocating, just saying. When WW2 ended the local law who cooperated with the Nazis did not fair well with the survivors. You are right though. The badges will have to choose sides.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    JG is correct, we on the right side of the aisle want to be left alone, but this would be the rubicon for us, they come door to door and declare guns illegal and the door to door raids will start in blue states and blue enclaves in red states. Everywhere else they will rely on the informant system and intelligence gathering and “gun buybacks”, hell they don’t care, they have been printing fiat money for years, whats a few more worthless dollars to buy our guns. Needless to say, it will be enertaining

  5. Watch the first half of the movie “Michael Collins: (1996) for a refresher on how civilians can go asymmetrical on oppressors.

    • You know, spare cylinders for our single-action revolvers. Riiiiiight? *thumps HSL so he/she/whatever starts breathing again*

  6. If something like that passes not a single one of the politicos will accompany the enforcement arm of government. They will be safely ensconced, so they think, in their gated homes guarded by men with guns. Law for thee but not for me.

    • Houston – maybe a provision of any law they pass would be to REQUIRE them to lead the confiscation teams. If they ain’t willing to be up front they sure shouldn’t be able to force minions to do their bidding.

  7. Whether or not it’s enforced, any ban will put a chill on training, accessories, etc.
    Look at the effect that bans on private sales have in states that recently enacted them; it’ll be similar.

  8. It is time for a national conversation about common sense politician control.

    When a politician proposes taking away guns because of the danger they pose in the hands of non-criminal citizens, the politicians pose a greater danger so long as they live, and rather than being strangled, they should be thrown to their deaths on Tarpean rock.

    We need a national conversation about common sense politician control.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments and good points! Common sense politicians… now you owe me a new keyboard. And coffee burns when you spraIRJWI#RWJ#$T R%WLKj5nm,g5rzv

  10. When will a congress critter have the low hangers to file charges in the house (or senate) against these idiots that so blatantly violate their oath, similar to the one we took to and which does contain “to defend the Constitution.” I will go so far as to say those that would not file those charges are in fact in violation of the same oath. Yeah, I’m a gun totin bible thumpin knuckle draggin retrded white hat

  11. I think your estimate on semi-auto pistols is way low. ATF publishes annual gun production numbers each year, breaking out handguns between pistols (I believe that is essentially all semi-auto’s) and revolvers. In 2020 US production was 5.5M pistols (, 2019 US production was 3.0M, 2018 was 3.8M, 2017 was 3.7M, etc., etc.. So 16M produced in 4 years, 2017-2020 (2021 figures don’t get released until next year). The mind boggles.

    Problem is, they only have to make an example of a few people to either gain widespread obedience and what follows that or spark a revolution, and I don’t want to be around for either.

  12. I dunno, I still think the Republic of Texas V2.0 has a nice ring to it. We might even ask if Oklahoma wants to join in a Co-Prosperity regional agreement.

  13. One of the early problems that individual police will have is that their uniforms will necedsarily associate them with the evil that police will do, following the direction of their Federal Fusion Center masters. Police will be Federalized, or taken under State control.
    Openly resistant police will be arrested, along with their families, and sent to the Gulags to die there.
    There will probably be a lot of “White Mutiny”, following procedures to the letter, regardless of the inefficiency, and “fetal policing” like Chicago has, where police have found themselves “too busy” to write parking or traffic tickets, which have gallen fom 300K per year to 50K, with consequences for Chicago City and Courts revenue.
    Our problem will be in telling the wolves from the sheepdogs. The sheepdogs will likely take fire from both sides.
    I would hope that the local Sheriffs, as elected officials, will be smart enough to stay out of the political firestorms, focus on protecting people and property, and be someone worthy of trust when the time comes to rebuild.
    John in Indy

    • The Sheriffs need to be in the storm. I read somewhere that one of the powers of a Sheriff is to be able to ignore proactive laws within their jurisdiction. We need Sheriffs that will vocally say not only no, but hell no to gun confiscation.

      This will lead to states (Urban Areas) taking over the local jurisdictions. I’m sure the Feds will grab as much as they can. This will lead to the breakup.

      Let’s say a Sheriff knows his county and says no. The Fed/State Hydra will try some stuff. Not enough boots to occupy, so some examples will be made. When that doesn’t work quarantine the area – no power, no fuel, no telecom (may keep this as people’s phones give great intel). Also expect the diversity army to be sent to these regions (think anyone with a criminal record and an axe to grind, not soyboys). They will be turned loose to loot, pillage, rape and then burn (the order is important).

      Many people have said weapons confiscation is their line in the sand. TPTB that want us to tear ourselves apart are taking us there. This is by design.

  14. According to the latest stats (that they admit to) the feds (mostly the bats) have nearly one BILLION firearms transactions ‘on record’. That doesn’t count those out in the wild – stolen and ones from before they started recording those transactions – which they are forbidden by law to do. That is a whole lot of hardware, they will likely need a bigger truck………….

  15. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes, my numbers are ‘probably’ low…

    Drang- Thanks! I wasn’t aware of that fund raiser!

  16. To misquote Alexander Solzhenitsyn on political raids-

    If every time a security agent left their houses to raid citizens, they didn’t know if they were coming home again. And every apartment building- instead of cowering and hoping the knock at the door wasn’t for them- waited in the stairwells with anything they could use as a weapon………. The round ups would have died a quick death.

  17. They no longer even TRY to hide what they are attempting to do. They no longer care what we think. They have proven they can control who wins which elections and no longer need even pretend to care what the Constitution says. They NEED to disarm us and that is exactly what they intend to do. The first step is to pass the laws making that legal. After that it’s NOT THEIR PROBLEM. Hired thugs pinned to badges will be the ones tasked with doing the dirty work. And history has proven there is no shortage of two legged animals willing to do that work. TINVOWOOT