Yesterday was the first day of LibertyCon, we’re back in the saddle after three years! It was fun, and we all had to remember how to “people” again. It’s great to see folks and to catch up on what people have been doing, not only our author friends but also the readers who do come to LibertyCon. The day started early, and I finally got back to the room about 1 o’clock this morning so… My butt‘s dragging a bit. Day too will start early with breakfast, and then it’s more panels and more chances to see friends and talk to folks. I’ll try to get a real AAR up after the weekend and I get home.


LibertyCon!!! — 3 Comments

  1. LibertyCon is a blast. I was glad to get a chance to meet you briefly, along with a few others I’d not met in person before, and to get a chance to see others I hadn’t seen in ages. Ironically, my wife and I spent the most time speaking to friends who live 6 miles from us. Nice to just out and be among fans again. Let us never have another pair of years like 2020 and 2021 again.

  2. Wonderful hearing about the con. We were going to go to WorldCon in Tonopah, NV, but they are still being extreme n95 mask nazis so we made other plans. YMMV, but masks are not my thing to do with precious vacation time.

    Re comments in your previous day’s report about fan conventions abutting other functions (weddings, trade shows, etc) I think my three fav’s were
    (a) when Anime Vegas was right across the street from [****]-con, the world’s leading professional exotic dancer’s convention – they were actually very welcoming to the cosplayers and a grand time was had by interlopers of both sides.
    (b) an SF con we attended in Louisville, KY which shared space with a Primerica rally (insurance services MLM) – a couple of them actually bought convention badges and tried to bend their suits to impersonate ‘Agent Smith’ types, and
    (c) a furry con in the same hotel as a convocation of LDS Elders.
    (I don’t imagine there was much crossover activity)

    Glad you all had a great time.

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