LibertyCon day 2…

OMG, my dogs are barking! We are definitely getting our steps in, over 5000 on day one and day two both. This is a big damn hotel on convention center! And it’s been interesting this weekend as we have between 1000 and 1200 people at liberty gone, there is also a bodybuilding contest at the far end of the convention center, and there was an MMA fight last night at the convention center. So you talk about a mixed bag of customers, people looking at each other “funny”, and some really interesting conversations… 🙂

The panels are very interesting, sometimes as much for what is said as well it’s not said. The conversations inside bars have also been interesting, as writers are not all a monolithic group of right or left wing people. But everyone is willing to sit down and discuss their perspectives without any yelling or screaming or getting up and stopping off. We may not change peoples minds but we are willing to listen and when I say wait that is both sides of the spectrum which makes me really appreciate this group.

tomorrow is the last day, and frankly, I think we’re all ready for that. It’s been three years since most of us have been out and about and having to deal with people! So three days of intense interactions, discussions, and plotting and scheming I’ve just about Frye and all of us… 🙂 I’ll try to write up a more full AR once I get back and get to a real computer instead of trying to type this on my phone.



LibertyCon day 2… — 6 Comments

  1. My first thought was — Old NFO planned it so that he could attend Libertycon AND compete in the bodybuilding championship. You’re cunning like that, old friend.

  2. There has also been the multi-day Indian wedding, and my wife thinks there was a child beauty pageant (ick) on Friday.

  3. “So three days of intense interactions, discussions, and plotting and scheming…”
    How many anthologies?

  4. LL- Oh hell no, I’m smarter than to try that game! 🙂

    TOS- Yeah, the dot not feather Indians did that…yech

    Drang- I’m not sure! 🙂

  5. Mr. NFO, I sense enjoyment… which is awesome. Sounds like a great result.