LibertyCon day 3…

Stick a fork in it, we’re done!!! Kudos to the convention staff for the literally thousands of hours of work to pull this together, could not have asked for better support and coordination, and from my perspective as a Loli panelist it went very well! Everyone seem to enjoy the panels, the con suite, and the folks that were supporting behind the scenes.

People left yesterday afternoon yesterday evening and a bunch of us were leaving this morning going back to the reality of the real world. It’s been great to have a weekend where we didn’t worry about the Internet or the TV or anything else other than enjoying the time with our friends. I’ll be back to regular blogging and commenting on Tuesday.


LibertyCon day 3… — 3 Comments

  1. This was our first LibertyCon, and my son and I had a wonderful time at the con, and meeting many of the NTT 👍.

  2. At this point, I am not just done, but well done. My wife and I drove well over three hundred miles yesterday to get home from LibertyCon… so we could get home and pack the camper up and haed out for her family reunion next weekend, two thousand miles away. Lots of fun, though.

  3. SLee- That’s great! Hopefully it wasn’t a disappointment… LOL

    TOS- Glad y’all got home safe! Enjoy the reunion and travel safe to that!

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