LibertyCon AAR…

It’s been three years since we were able to gather…

So there was some ‘rust’ to be dusted off. Having said that, it was great to see everyone who made it, and I’m not going to try to list everyone, because sure as hell I’d miss somebody! And if I missed you, I’m sorry!

And we had to remember how to ‘people’ again! Kudos to Brandy and the staff for pulling everything together and get the show back on the road, so to speak. The hotel was coming out of the last two years too, and the restaurant had a limited menu, but the City Cafe was great as always (and the waits were sometimes a ‘bit’ long)!

Sadly, some folks didn’t make it in at all, or got there late due to over 1700 flights being cancelled over the weekend, and getting out yesterday was ‘interesting’ on some counts. Rich, Tish, et al shifted folks and made things work as they always do!


It was a damn good con! We were all running around like chickens with our heads cut off, between trying to catch up with folks, going to or being on panels, and it didn’t seem like it was three days long. Maybe a day and a half…

The convention center was hosting multiple events all weekend, so there were our con, a bodybuilding contest (the ladies were loving that), an actual Indian wedding, and an MMA fight. So there was an ‘interesting’ mix of folks flowing through the hotel.

As always, the elevators were FULL, requiring the ‘dance’ anytime you got on one! LOL…

I was on six panels, and I think they all went well, or at least I didn’t get cussed out, so I’m calling that a win! All of the GOHs were outstanding, the mass signings went well, and there were surprisingly few bitches at the end.

As always, there is a charity chosen and this year it was Lana’s Love (Children’s cancer). Thanks to those who contributed/bid/etc., right at $13,000 was donated to support this outstanding cause! And Wendell FINALLY got a new home (and went for $700)! Thanks to Tully and everyone else who’d passed him around and took pictures of his travel!

Now it’s back to reality, wading through four days of emails, and writing (short story due in 10 days)… And sleep in my own bed! Yay!

And I ‘should’ be back to regular commenting tomorrow.


LibertyCon AAR… — 5 Comments

  1. “As always, the elevators were FULL, requiring the ‘dance’ anytime you got on one!”

    (laughs in DragonCon, where elevator use during some hours is literally luck based.)

    But glad you had a good time 🙂

  2. We’ll have to try to make it next year or the one following. Or maybe it’ll just be me. Mama needs a con weekend. More than one.

  3. The convention itself was fun, and the facilities were nice, even if they have less character than the Choo Choo. My one complaint is the schedule web page. It is fine on desktop, but on mobile it won’t let you click to get the panel details (description, panelists).

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