I know it’s been an interesting week and some, but I think the ‘biggest’ verdict is yet to drop. And that is West Virginia vs. the EPA.

West Virginia v. the Environmental Protection Agency has the potential to sharply curtail the power of the EPA.

The case is an unusual one for the court. Instead of looking at a rule that has already been established, this one will set a precedent for future actions, specifically those tied to the EPA’s authority to regulate power plant emissions. Should the court rule against the EPA, that could hamper the Biden administration’s plans to combat climate change, as regulating authority could shift to Congress.

Full article, HERE from Fortune.

This has the potential to gut the EPA’s ability to make these rule changes by unelected bureaucrats, and force Congresscritters to actually do their jobs and LEGISLATE, not dump it off on others. And a benefit would be that we the people would actually KNOW what these programs cost, as they would have to be made public!

Other agencies affected could be BATF, NEA, CDC, and a lot others.

So I’m hoping they overturn and do it quickly!


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  1. Congress has avoided their responsibility for ages by using these un-Constitutional agencies with un-elected leeches being given authority over the American people. One more and possibly the the most powerful is the IRS that is un-Constitutional. It is the responsibility of Congress to lay and collect taxes and to print and issue money.

  2. We have had a very good week on court decisions, and a favorable ruling in the West Virginia case would be the capstone in an epic series of rulings. God willing, this might be the beginning of the end of the Administrative State. The rulings in Bruen and Dobbs certainly seem to indicate that is the tack the Court is taking.

  3. This one has been flying well under the radar — right down there in the weeds. Not going to predict on it — but the omens are reasonably good. High time someone started paying some attention to the 10th Amendment.

  4. I think it was President Andrew Jackson that told the Supreme Court something to the effect that now you have made the ruling enforce it. The problem is that there is no independent enforcement agency to make the Executive Branch or Congress follow the decisions of the Supreme Court. The Brandon Junta will essentially give the Court a one finger salute and continue with enforcement of their “rules” (illegitimate laws). Congress will do similar and fail to make law but rather avoid their resposibility.

  5. Bill, the difference here might be that the state of W. Va will enforce the decision. States, with a favorable SCOTUS ruling, can now give the finger to Feds.

    I thought the session ended on Monday so am a bit surprised that there are still unreleased rulings.

    • While W. Va may try to enforce this, which I think they should, the Federal Government will do everything they can to thwart the States actions. We are now a lawless country because the law is only enforced by those in power when it favors them. When it does not favor them, they act as tyrants and dictate what they want.

    • We’ve heard this tune before. Hopefully the dance will be called as it should have been.

  6. West Virginia vs. EPA and Biden vs. Texas should be announced tomorrow (6/30) according to SCOTUSblog. Those are the last two cases left on the docket

  7. Just outstanding. What a week.

    Now, someone, please, set up the nooses down the Mall so we can all celebrate? Just a thought.