Thanks folks!!!

The first Haunted Libraries Anthology is doing pretty well!

And we had an orange tag for a day, Friday!!!

The proofs for the paperback should be here this coming week, so that will go live as soon as the paperback is approved.

The blurb-

This anthology is a benefit anthology for the Tom Burnett Memorial Library in Iowa Park, TX,

Is your library haunted?

Are you sure?

Many book lovers find peace and solace in their local library, returning over and over to the place their spirit calls home. Some of them keep going even after their bodies have stopped working. To say nothing of the ones who were already there when their home became the library.

Join 10 authors as they explore haunts from the past, the future, and the dead.

The second volume is in final process now, and we were debating when to release it, whether to wait 30 days or release it before then.

Here’s the cover, donated by Tina Garceau!

So… The question is, do we wait, or go ahead and push it out?


Thanks folks!!! — 8 Comments

  1. I’d advise 3 to 4 weeks. Maybe leaning a little more towards three.

  2. The voice said, “Thou art mortal, Caesar!” That’s not what one wants to hear on the way to the library restroom. I paused near the library cafe, hard by the books for sale rack. Debating lunch, a whisper, a grating Missouri sound — “TANSTAAFL”

  3. Four weeks, unless you see a sharp drop in sales, then use the new one to regenerate interest in the first book.

  4. I may be somewhat biased, but I’d like to see it out ASAP. 🙂

    Really, you should do whatever you think will generate the most sales. Maybe release it on FenCon weekend?