Google biased???

It’s not really a secret anymore that the Left doesn’t believe in a level playing field, and that the woke vanguard is censorious, fascist, and unwilling to allow for the fair and open enunciation of opposing points of view. … But the censorship is even more far-reaching than that: on Monday, Fox News reported that “the Republican National Committee [RNC] says Google is suppressing get-out-the-vote [GOTV] and fundraising emails by sending millions of GOP election emails to users’ Gmail spam folders, with party leadership threatening to explore legal options to ‘put an end’ to what they call a ‘clear pattern of bias.’

Full article, HERE from PJ Media.

And if that’s not bad enough…

Note from LifeSiteNews President Steve Jalsevac: This article should be read and passed along to everyone that you know. Using any Google products (Gmail, Google search, Chrome, Android phones) is far more of a threat to your privacy, security and freedoms than most people are aware.

Full article, HERE from Life Site.

Note that the second article ties in directly to what is alluded to in the first article. When you take a step back, so to speak, and look at it, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and the MSMS, et al are all in the tank for the left.

It’s always been about control of the population to allow the ‘elites’  to do what they think is best for ‘all of us’…

There is no question that the utilization of the Intarwebz to control our access to information, and through that, to keep folks from doing their own research, connect with like minded individuals, and do that freely without being harassed, tracked, doxxed, or swatted.

Well, we know how well that has worked out. And any attempt to counter that control has been met with various lawsuits, banning, either for days/weeks/months, or permanently if you go against their ‘standards’, which seem to fluctuate on a daily basis.

In other news-

Now, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 2098, which designates “the dissemination of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or ‘COVID-19,’ as unprofessional conduct.” Physicians found doing so could face sanctions from the state’s licensing boards and some news reports described the law as the first of its kind in the nation.

Full article, HERE from Medical Economics.

Now ‘my’ question is, who determines what is misinformation? And what happens when that information turns out to be true??? Will they have their own pet ‘fact checkers’?

What happens when your freedom of speech becomes subject to the same kind of law?

Your thoughts???


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  1. “What happens when your freedom of speech becomes subject to the same kind of law?”
    You mean like waking up to FBI SWAT teams over a year after you attended a peaceful rally supporting the president on January 6th?

  2. IANAL, but I can’t help but think that California bill is a 1st Amendment violation.

  3. The Communist left spent the six decades after WWII infiltrating, subverting and suborning EVERY important facet of American life. They now OWN the media, academia, ALL of Big Tech, most major corporations, about 90% of sitting Federal Judges, half of GOP politicians and the Demonrat Party is now The American Communist Party in all but name. And they have only ONE RULE…WIN! By whatever means necessary. TINVOWOOT While we were winning the “cold war” against the USSR they moved here and destroyed everything that made America what it was.

  4. One of the problems is that Google and the other ’email services’ have started on a program to remove ALL ‘non-certified’ email servers from the internet. I have such a server and there are times when email I send from it will not be accepted by gmail or their cronies.
    They ‘claim’ that they’re trying to do away with spam – yet most spam comes from gmail and these other servers.

  5. We are already in the 1984 controlled mode. I have been shut down by Facebook sent to Facebook jail so many times I lost count. These were all over my posting valid news stories that were accurate as to the Covid-19 virus and the so-called vaccine to combat it. I sometimes wish I had the funds to sue Facebook for the violations of my first amendment rights that I have had to endure over the last two years. But that is the sick world we now live in, only if you toe the line of the far left socialists can you say or post anything. No posting or questioning of the far left Nazi line is permitted. I hate to say this but Putin was correxct when he labeled American and Western European leadership as Anti-Christ and devil worshipers among other things. Somehow we need God to intervene and remove these evil sick people from the offices they control.

  6. John Ross showed us how to take care of this. Unintended Consequences.