The stoopid is strong…

@#%$*( econazis, ecovandals, or whatever the hell you want to call them REALLY need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

These idjits want to stop the oil, but they are bitching about food!!!

Really??? Guess what kids, tractors run on, guess what, D I E S E L…

No diesel, no tractors, no food. Now what???



The stoopid is strong… — 19 Comments

  1. Right there with you on the frustration at this.

    We get more of what we tolerate.

  2. You missed one. These people that think we can get by with no fossil fuels also have no brains. This includes every eco-wacko from Joe, the so-called, President to every Democrat that wants to shut down the natural gas and oil industries.

  3. Vote me “King of the World”.
    I’d command that we bring them water and let them squish around in their own bodily waste. I’d also video their experience so that these “stoopid” kids could realize how miserable they’d be without ADULTS coming to their rescue.
    We’re living in Bizarro world.

  4. This organization is being funded by J.Paul Getty’s granddaughter. Cause and effect is to much thinking for them to do.

  5. It’s stupidity, but based on ignorance. Remove the modern cameras, cell phones, and security systems, and I doubt they’ll be so bold as a few thuggish security guards pound some knowledge into their heads.

  6. I might argue that the current ‘full extent of the law’ represents a criminal conspiracy by lawyers, judges, and law faculty, and that the true full extent of the law goes a bit further.

    These are barbarians, they do not reason like civilized men, and it may be a mistake to treat them as having the privileges to go with the duties of behaving as a civilized man.

    OTOH, I am probably much too snarly this morning.

  7. I’m cranky this morning, but a thwap on the head is my first response to these idiots.

  8. Heard this at 0500 on my petroleum-fueled drive to work.
    GMTA and ONFO and I must be Great Minds 🙂 as my immediate thought was no fuel=no food. 2nd thought was it’s a good thing someone was wise enough to cover the painting with glass.

    Remove the artwork. Leave them glued to the wall with guards to prevent interference with Nature.

  9. I would have removed the art work and left them both glued to the wall for a while – say, 24 hours. It wouldn’t solve anything, but I’d feel marginally better and, after a few times, future shenanigans wouldn’t involve the protester gluing himself to the wall.

  10. Put them in the yoke and have them plow… and if they refuse, that’s fine. ALL they get to eat next year is what THEY GREW this year (adjust to start next Spring, to be fair…), so… a self-correcting problem.

  11. I’d like to drop them on a temperate island somewhere, with seed packs and hand-tools, and tell them to try surviving on organic produce for a year.

  12. Horse whip them in the street for half an hour. Include the guy who accompanied them to record it.

  13. I did not read all the comments. However, what does sunflowers, a painting no less have to do with natural gas and oil? These two and who that belong to should be rounded up and shot permanently, so this never happens again by this group of libturd commies.

    • Two things drew them IMO:
      – Publicity for trying to deface a world-renowned painting.
      – Utter stupidity. They have no idea the ‘oil’ in oil paints comes from linseed oil. For those ignorant children ‘oil’ means petroleum and only that.

      Fools should have been left without water until they unstuck themselves or died.

  14. Hey Old NFO;

    I made a comment on the twitter thread and called them the “Trust Fund Hippo’s”. They are getting outside income that supports their activism.