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This comes from a friend- If you’re a student of history and aviation, this one is about a little known group flying A-26s in Vietnam. It is edited by Roger Graham- Fly By Knights: Air Force A/B/RB-26 Air Commando Missions in the Vietnam War 

The blurb-

By the time of the Vietnam War, the U.S. military had transitioned to jet aircraft. Yet leaders soon learned prop-driven planes could still play a role in counterinsurgency warfare. World War II-era Douglas B-26 light bombers proved effective in close air support and interdiction, beginning with Operation Farm Gate in 1961. Forty B-26s were remanufactured as improved A-26 attack aircraft, which destroyed hundreds of North Vietnamese supply vehicles on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in 1966-1969. The personal recollections of 37 pilots, navigators, maintenance and armament personnel, and family members, tell the harrowing story of B-26 and A-26 Air Commando Wing combat operations in Vietnam and Laos.

Three Ravens publishing has another anthology out! It Came From the Trailer Park- Vol 2

The blurb-

Think beer, snuff, and double-ought buckshot are what make rednecks tough?

Suburban soccer moms and soy latte-sipping men have no clue what these blue-collar men and women have to put up with on a daily basis. From chupacabras chewing the cable lines during the big game to zombie infestations boiling out from beneath that derelict double-wide on the other side of the trailer park, the heroes of It Came From the Trailer Park II have their work cut out for them! Hold their beer, Romero and Hitchcock. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

With stories by Jonathan Maberry, Arlan Andrews Sr., Philip K. Booker, Benjamin Tyler Smith, John M. Floyd, Michael J. Allen, Jenny Wren, Rob Smales, Mel Todd, Jerry Harwood, Christopher Woods, William Joseph Roberts, and Guest Editorial by the Lord of Hate, Larry Corriea.

So, pull on your boots, grab the whiskey, and don’t forget the shotgun. You’re in for a wild ride of backwoods madmen, hidden horrors, and explosive hijinks no amount of moonshine will help you forget.

Cedar Sanderson has a little novella up- Zombie Maggots

The blurb-

What could be worse than a zombie apocalypse? Two tales: A nameless protagonist faces off with humanity’s worst fears. The motley group just needs to find someplace safe. Maybe, then, they can think about the families that were left behind.

In the second story of the apocalypse, the defenders of what’s left of civilization discover the cold winters of Alaska are not enough to save them. Right now, they need some redneck engineering, and a whole lot of luck. Time is growing short, and the skies are buzzing…


And I can finally announce that I have a story in an upcoming Baen Anthology- The Ross 248 Project 

It will release May of 2023, but it is up for preorder now!

The blurb-

Traveling to the stars will be difficult, but not, perhaps, the most difficult part. What about when we get to another star? What then? Will the planets be immediately habitable? Not likely. Will those who undertook the journey be able to easily turn around and come home if they don’t find “Earth 2.0?” Almost certainly not. Therein the lies the challenge: Finding worlds that are potentially habitable and then taking the time, perhaps centuries, to make them compatible with Earth life. They will encounter mysteries and unexpected challenges, but the human spirit will endure. Join this diverse group of science fiction writers and scientists as they take up the challenge of The Ross 248 Project.


USAF General Steven Kwast
Patrick Chiles
Stephanie Osborn
Brent Ziarnick
Laura Montgomery
Daniel M. Hoyt & E. Marshall Hoyt
Matthew Williams
D. J. Butler
Robert E. Hampson
Monalisa Foster
J. L. Curtis
K. S. Daniels
Les Johnson & Ken Roy

I would also like to thank the readers that have given me over 50 reviews on both Ranching in Colorado and Country Boys (and Girls) will Survive! THANK YOU!!!


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  1. Huzzah! Congratulations!! It’s now been preordered–can’t wait!

  2. I’m reading Ranching right now.
    I had heard about the A26s but no details, sounds interesting.

  3. My heart, and prayers go out to Paul Pelosi and Nancy and the whole Pelosi family hopping that they all get well, and over their INSANITY very soon.

  4. IIRC from other reading and from meeting some rather seasoned Douglas engineers back in the day, the B-26 was a hot bomber and needed treatment like a sportscar – unforgiving, but in the right hands it flew like magic. Sounds like a good one for the stack.

    More trailer part stories? OK, my ribs healed from the first round …

    • Lengthening the wing helped the Marauder be less dangerous to the crew, while increasing the bomb load.

      In the beginning, lots of them were found in Tampa Bay due to high landing speed needs and failure to maintain said speeds.

  5. MC- Thanks!

    Jonathan- It’s a compilation of multiple pilots/navigators stories.

    PC- Agreed

    PK- LOL, yep, another round! And the A/B-26 was a hotrod, but with wing box problems due to the years of pulling Gs.