I voted…

Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.

– Franklin Delano Roosevelt

November the 8th is the one day you need to be out and about, if you didn’t do early/absentee voting.  Please take the time to go cast your vote. It’s IMPORTANT.

IMHO, America is at a fork in the road.  The left fork is to descend deeper into the morass of government and regulation we have seen in the last two years, cutting our military and raising the entitlement mentality to a ‘goal’ for people to attain OR the right fork is to go back to our Constitution, realistic funding for the military, curbing entitlements to those that do nothing to even attempt to find work, and getting a healthcare plan that is actually affordable by the public.

To the Veterans-

As military retirees, it’s time to turn out to vote against this heartbreaking lack of leadership by the administration, congress, and the current military ‘leaders’. Veterans can stand up, vote, and make a powerful statement that hastens a change.

Get out there and make you vote count, whether you vote early, or vote next week!  I don’t care WHO you vote for, but dammit…VOTE!!!

It’s important, and our votes may be able to get this country back on track!!!

I voted, did you or will you on November 8th???


I voted… — 25 Comments

  1. Yep, voted last Friday afternoon after work. Different procedure – the machine we punched in choices prints them out on a sheet. Then that sheet is taken to a single machine which records the vote choices. That was different, at least here in south Texas. Last time, each machine cast the votes.

    If you are angry or happy with how your government is running, you need to take the time and vote to change or keep what you have, just as our host said.

  2. The choice cannot be any clearer . The parties & the candidates are so different from one another. The policies & the philosophy of the democrats versus the republicans could not be more distinct. One party has solutions for the economy and domestic and foreign policy, the other, uses remarks such as racists & other derogatory accusations against the other party in all forms.
    The Democrats have NOTHING, so they try scare voters with saying things like ” they will take away your social security”, your Medicare, “your welfare” and give tax breaks to the rich. The haters are leaving These haters have nothing but :Climate Control, and that all others who are not “Bidumb lovers are Domestic Terrorists” ,,, how disgusting can he be, to say that about 50 percent of the American People, who many of them have SERVED THIS COUNTY, and many who have lost limbs by doing so! They are “Domestic Terrorists”?
    Iam TRULY sorry that Biden lost his son, BUT HE DID NOT DID IN IRAQI , AS Joey said last night.
    Bo Biden had radiation and chemotherapy treatments because he had Cancer remained stable. On May 20, 2015, he was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, because of the brain Cancer, and he died there on May 30, 2015, at the age of 46. How in the World can his Farther LIE about his own Dead Son that way? It is shocking how some people lack a brain !
    Those who think they are tolerant, almost all Democrats, are the most INTOLERANT people in our society ! Now that we will win the House, and the Senate, and in 2024 the Presidency we might have a chance of REGAINING our real free speech & expression again. AND STOP ALL THIS FOOLISHNESS OF Banning, and changing Pro-Nouns, and tearing doen our Statues, and reaganing our History, and teaching our Children the REAL subjects that they should be learning, not about “Transgender” .”The Biden administration is pushing radical gender experiments on children, by changing their Names, Clothes, Identities and Bodies, Changing their Bathrooms etc. ”
    How Refreshing that would be to have a leader going back to have our Children learn about Reading, and Math , even Sports, and American History !

    If you think that those things are good then you have your answer because the Democrats are NOT ONLY control our schools but are Controlling our Borders by allowing all kinds of un=Vetted people into the country so that they could obtain their Votes, not caring if these immigrants are Sick, or Criminals, or Drug Dealers, or even Human traffickers . If you think that Gas prices & Food prices and the broken Border & Crime are terrible then you have your answer too. Your choice will determine your future, good or bad. Think smart and think wisely.

  3. I vote in person on election day. Only once in my life did I use a traditional absentee ballot for being out of state for work training on Election Day. I make sure I show up to eliminate any possibility of my vote ever being stolen. Its bad enough to have it cancelled by a state full of uninformed voters that only vote for Santa Claus.

  4. I’ll be voting in person next week. It’s more important than usual this time around since, thanks to redistricting, the incumbent congress critter in my new district has every blue checkmark there is and the seat badly needs flipping. Hopefully the rural counties that were added to that district will be enough to turn the trick.

  5. I voted by mail and received an acknowledgement my ballot was received. Since reaching my majority decades ago I’ve never missed voting in any election.

  6. If I have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death and punch the devil himself dead in the face, I will be there to cast my vote! It feels like the very existence of our country depends it this time.

  7. I dropped off a ballot in person with a license and a utility bill. I was allowed to drop off my wife’s as well. I do trust that my vote will be counted but I do not trust whether a USB stick of 125,000 imaginary votes will be inserted at 3am into a port on a voting machine in a some precinct of lopsidedly Democrat, urban location to overwhelm the real voice of the real people.

  8. Regarding vets, it was pointed out to me years ago when I was still on active duty that we actually had the rather unique opportunity to vote on our commander-in-chief, in other countries a purely military post. Had never thought of it that way before.

    Good grief, did my career ever span some shitty group decisions on that…

  9. I voted in person earlier this week since TEXAS allows early in person voting – with of course the same requirements as election day. Last time I waited until the actual day my polling place had at least a two hour wait. This time – from parking my car and shuffling in and casting my vote was a total of 20 minutes.

  10. Bob- Yeah, mine too!

    Gomez- Thanks!!! Took me about the same, eight in front of me in our little tiny town!

  11. Yeah…and if voting actually made a difference they would ban it. The coming midterms will be a lot of things. Honest is NOT one of them.

    • Yep. Bear in mind that there is no ‘right to vote’ in the Constitution. It says who may not be barred from voting, but the right to do so is mentioned nowhere.

  12. open question for the group, did FDR allow Americans to vote from the interment camps?

  13. Smarter Half and I voted early today here in Tennessee. Nice pole workers made sure S.H. had a chair available due to her bad knees.
    First time I’ve NOT voted in Virginia since reaching my majority. Tennessee has an impressive 3-point check system to secure election integrity. Two of the points require photo ID and 3rd maintains record of you actually being there to vote.

    That being said I shall not be surprised if Pelosi says she won’t seat “MAGA election deniers” come January.

    • Thanks did not know that. and was too tired/lazy to search. Thanks again.

  14. I like to vote on Election Day. I don’t know why, maybe it’s that I’m old fashioned.

    Stretch, I don’t think Pelosi has that power, and it could get interesting if she tries.

    • Having the power and just doing it are two separate things.
      A great deal of what our Federal Government does lies well outside the limits of the Constitution.

  15. Dropped the Ballot off yesterday afternoon. The I went to the Gunstore and picked 300 rounds of 44 Magnum Brass.

    • I found a good (for these days) price on .38 Super and picked up 200 rounds last week.

  16. November 8. I’ve got time between Day Job finishing and Other Thing starting, so I didn’t need to early vote.