More Raffle goodies…

LawDog is in need of $$$ to pay for lawyers and expert witnesses for his court case on 17 November. He has a GiveSendGo website- HERE that you can donate to.


Note- To answer a question I got, yes you can win more than one prize if you get picked more than once.

Here are the ‘rules’ of the fundraiser- For each $20 you will get ONE entry in the drawing, for each $100, you will get FIVE entries. It will be a random number draw, and we will go down the list, first draw gets choice, second gets choice of what is left, etc. All weapons MUST be sent from an FFL TO an FFL.

Send your receipt to Jennifer (at) hastonline  (dot) com for your entry. She is confirming receipt, usually within 24 hours.

The drawing will be the evening of 17 November whenever the hell they finally go to court, with the results posted as soon as the winners are notified. Now looking at late December… One more round of #$#%!@!.

And now, some more of the goodies up for raffle!!!

1960s Western Auto Model 200 (Marlin 336 made under contract to Western Auto). Including a couple of boxes of ammo…

A Beretta model 1935 in 7.65/.32 APC (Mfgr 1954)

A custom-built concealed carry bag to the raffle. Two ladies-purse styles available, and one unisex (messenger bag) style they can choose from along with custom fabrics.

More SF books (just a sample)!!!

A chainmaille die!

Dreadnaught Industries Billet-15 5.56 16″ carbine!

Boker V-42 Stiletto, still in the box! This is a copy of the WWII stiletto issued to the Canadian Forces!

16×24 metal print of Union-Pacific “BigBoy” #4014.

Two ladies rings! Finally, some ‘stuff’ for the ladies!!! 🙂

And from a Reiki Practitioner a Mala, the stones are not with it!

Home electrical work (some limitations due to location)- *Must live in a state that will accept or has reciprocity with a Montana journeyman’s license

Two original movie A sheets 24×41”

Custom rifle slings- Type may vary…


Dice bags/jewelry bags

At least one more AR pattern rifle (no pics/details yet)

Hairsticks from Bjorn Bladeworks and ‘dangly dragon’ adornments from Cedar Sanderson (no pics either)…

And more stuff still coming!

Thank you to each and everyone who has/is donating stuff!


More Raffle goodies… — 11 Comments

  1. If we want to donate a firearm to the raffle, do we have our FFL ship it to you/ your FFL?

  2. Pat- Tell me what you want to donate. You will send it from your FFL to the winner’s FFL.

    ERJ- It’s a nice one!

  3. Maybe start a side pool on the eventual court date? Winner gelts 25% Lawdog the remainder.

  4. Money sent. Thanks to the donors.
    John in Indy
    New email addy. Thd Gmail two factor login gives, I think, too much info, location, etc, to make it reasonable for me to continue to use it.
    Deleted PayPal as well.

  5. Donation sent, and receipt forwarded.

    I’ve been reading Lawdog for a while, so this sort of thing really grinds my gears. Hope this helps.

  6. Be aware that gmail will try to send your GiveSendGo receipt to spam. Stay vigilant.