A new raffle…

As announced yesterday on our livestream, LawDog is in need of $$$ to pay for lawyers and expert witnesses for his court case on 17 November. He has a GiveSendGo website- HERE that you can donate to.

Those of you that know us have seen us do this twice before to help folks out, so you know we’re not blowing smoke…


To add a little ‘spice’ to the fundraiser, some folks have put up various items to be raffled off in support of his fundraiser (and hopefully generate a few more $$$ for him).

Here are the ‘rules’ of the fundraiser- For each $20 you will get ONE entry in the drawing, for each $100, you will get FIVE entries. It will be a random number draw, and we will go down the list, first draw gets choice, second gets choice of what is left, etc. All weapons MUST be sent from an FFL TO an FFL.

Send your receipt to Jennifer (at) hastonline  (dot) com for your entry.

The drawing will be the evening of 17 November with the results posted as soon as the winners are notified. The court date is being changed, so the NEW drawing date will be whatever the trial date actually is! Probably sometime in Dec… Grrr…

Now, what are some of the things available? Note- All guns are considered ‘used’, as is condition.

First is a custom built 300WinMag rifle! Built on a Remington 700 long action, Lilja barrel, bedded on a folding Accuracy International stock with a Vortex 5×25 scope.

A retro 590A1 9 shot Mossberg

A S&W Shield in 9mm with 2 mags, including an 8 round extended mag.

A day of private training at Mead Hall Range outside Oklahoma City (this one might be limited to driving distance of OKC), including simulator and range training by Bill Armstrong (owner). Coordination with Bill will be required to get a date that works for both parties.

And for the SF nerds… A selection of late 1960s, early 1970s SF paperbacks in very good condition!

There will be other items that will be added as we coordinate them with the folks donating them.

Remember- your receipts to Jennifer (at) hastonline  (dot) com and THANK YOU for helping LawDog out!

Edit- And another pistol. Springfield Fully Loaded with 2 Springfield Magazines. Jim Garthwaite re-barreled it and did a trigger job on it.

And another possibility or two… waiting on confirmation and pics.

More items and details on Friday!!!


A new raffle… — 39 Comments

  1. NFO, just tried sending a receipt to Jennifer but I can’t access her email or website for some reason. Is it possible to send the receipt to you? Being as I live in the UK, I can’t win most of the prizes so I’d rather the chance went to someone who can enjoy it if they wone.

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  3. $$$ are tight, but I can kick into the raffle one baker’s dozen of my collection of sf&f paperbacks, shipped within the U.S., even Murky or Tulsi country. About the only way I can show what’s available is to post a brief video on “The ‘Tube”. Let me know if that’s worthwhile.

  4. On the M&P – there’s a typo there. it comes with 2 magazines. The 8 rnd extended and the regular 7 rnd.

  5. Still unable to forward a receipt to Jennifer. Doesn’t matter, the donation is the important thing.

  6. Also cannot send to Jennifer, but do not care, TBH. The donation is what matters.

  7. Also including an H&R Topper 158: .30-30 Win/20 Ga shingle shot. Two barrels
    H&R – Herrington & Richardson

  8. Kicked in what I can, may be able to do more before the court date.

  9. Thanks a ton for doing this, made a donation and wish it could be bigger so will spread the word as I can.

  10. I have four pics and no idea how to get them to you, Commander Curtis.


  11. Donated. I have loved reading his stories since The Firing Line. Glad to help anyway I can.

  12. Hold On To Your Shorts, boys and girls…

    Sarah posted a link to GsG on Instapundit!!!

  13. Cant access Lawdog’s site. Getting a malware warning.

    Did I miss an explanation for his court troubles?

    • Are you using the newest link? https://thelawdogfiles.com/

      Also, he cannot speak in public about what’s going on, other than the brief explanation on the GsG. If you’re on facebook, there is more there by others.

      • In addition to a malware warning from my security system, I get this:

        Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG

        Now, to figure out how to donate…

  14. At last I can do something to fight back against the anti-cop BS floating around. Donated.

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  16. [email protected] should work!”

    It did… Her email client flagged mine as spam, so take note. If you don’t hear back from her a day or two after submitting, reach out again.

  17. All- Thanks, yes, we’re working some ‘issues’… sigh Nothing ever works the first time… dammit…

  18. I see that he’s up to $32K and climbing. Good. maybe the [deleted] prosecutor will realize that he’s not going to steamroll LawDog like he can the average skell.

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