LawDog Raffle…

The GiveSendGo is closed, and we’ll be doing the raffle for the items over the next couple of days! THANK YOU to all those who donated to the GiveSendGo, Ian has enough (right around $44,000), to pay the lawyer, his expert witnesses, and take care of other expenses he’s incurred.

Our little raffle here is a bit of payback for those who donated- The links, HEREHERE, and HERE are pictures/descriptions of what is going to up as prizes for the winners of the raffle.

A truncated list is here-

300 WinMag rifle
Mossberg 590A1
S&W Shield 9mm
Mead Hall training
1960s SF novels
Springfield .45 Fully Loaded
1960s Western Auto 30-30
Beretta model 1935
Custom CC/Messenger bag
More SF novels
Chainmaille die
Billet-15 5.56 AR
Boker V-42 Stiletto
BigBoy 4014 picture
Ladies Ring Diamond
Ladies Ring Topaz
Reiki Mala
Home Electrical work
Movie poster Dune
Movie poster Beastmaster
Custom rifle sling Black
Custom rifle sling Brown
Dice/Jewelry bags A
Dice/Jewelry bags B
Dice/Jewelry bags C
Cloche hat for woman
AR pattern rifle  in .338 Spectre
H and R Topper 158 combo
Dragon Dangles
Sword and knife books
Holster RH Fugly G26
Holster RH Ruger GP100
Holster LH Sig P220 w/rails
Holster LH Glock G21
D Jason Fleming novels
Sarah Hoyt writing critique

Why a couple of days, you ask? Because we will have to notify the winners, and the first draw gets his/her first choice, the second draw gets their choice of what is left, etc…

This usually takes a day or three to get through all the winners as they make their choices.

Again , THANK YOU to all who donated prizes, and those many folks that donated money to the GiveSendGo. It is appreciated!


LawDog Raffle… — 11 Comments

  1. I’m having a moment, here, with respect to the fundraiser and the raffle:
    It occurs to me that we are all winners, regardless of the names that get drawn.
    Sarah (and others) have said “We take care of our own.”
    As true as that is, how MAGNIFICENT to be considered with LawDog as part of an “Us!”

  2. Those are awesome donated prizes and all of the people who are playing to win one or more of them should be congratulated for their generosity.

    I agree with Mr. Patterson above – ALL of you are winners for the reasons specified.

  3. Dumb Question: I take it we would be notified by email. I have a spam trap that intercepts emails before they get to Outlook. How will the email be identified so it does not end up as spam. I check the emails before they are deleted. But knowing what to look for would be greatly appreciated

  4. Pat/jrg- It’s a team effort for a damned good cause!

    Sabre22- It will either be from me oldnfo (at) gmail (dot) com or Jennifer (at) hastonline (dot) com

    • Yes. They are very nice flat polymer hairsticks with a roughened surface for gripping hair (not sticky, just a but rough to the touch) and points “so they go easily into your updo.” They have a hole on the wide end, so you can attach a charm if so desired. Five out of five stars, highly recommend. (I have heavy, thick hair and they work well.)

  5. I sent my money but somehow could not get record to get in the drawing. Then it dawned on me. It’s all for a good cause. I have had dealings with bad cops and none are worse than a bad cop incharge. Good luck to all and Lawdog, give them more carp than they have you. The only way they learn.

  6. Drang- Yep, hairsticks as TXRed said.

    Kendell- That sucks. I’m sorry. And yes, that is why LawDog is pushing back so hard!

  7. Just wondering, since this is – of necessity – so public, are we going to have another raffle to help Lawdog pay the taxes on this [according to the IRS gang] other “income”? And then one for that income? And . . .

    (If there actually is a “charity exclusion” for a recipient, a reference might be useful.)

  8. You are all awesome! Yes, winners will get an email from me. You should have also gotten a confirmation of your entries from the same email.
    Please be watching your emails! The faster I get responses, the faster I can reach out to the next winners.