And more raffle goodies #3…

LawDog is in need of $$$ to pay for lawyers and expert witnesses for his court case on 17 November. He has a GiveSendGo website- HERE that you can donate to.


Note- To answer a question I got, yes you can win more than one prize if you get picked more than once.

Here are the ‘rules’ of the fundraiser- For each $20 you will get ONE entry in the drawing, for each $100, you will get FIVE entries. It will be a random number draw, and we will go down the list, first draw gets choice, second gets choice of what is left, etc. All weapons MUST be sent from an FFL TO an FFL.

Send your receipt to Jennifer (at) hastonline  (dot) com for your entry. She is confirming receipt, usually within 24 hours.

The drawing will be the evening of 17 November whenever the hell they finally go to court, with the results posted as soon as the winners are notified. Now looking at late December… One more round of #$#%!@!.

And now, some more of the goodies up for raffle!!!

First up is a Harrington and Richardson Topper 158 combo single shot manufactured between approximately 1962 and 1973. This one has both a 20ga barrel and a 30-30 barrel.

Upland Pursuits: A Brief History of the H&R Topper Model 158

And Cedar’s dragon danglies for the hairsticks!

And another set of books- By Hank Reinhardt

Including four holsters from Dragon Leatherworks!!! Yay!!!

RH Fugly for G26, RH cowboy for Ruger GP100, LH G21 .45, and a LH for a SIG P220 w/rails in Gunmetal crocodile.

And we have another AR, from Southern Ballistics Research in .338 Spectre (think pistol round). It is NOT a short barrel rifle!

And we have sets of dice/jewelry/storage bags and a cloche ladies hat!


I’m not sure what ‘else’ is coming, but things are still trickling in…

And two trickles…

Sarah A. Hoyt will read and critique three chapters – no more than 100 pages – and an outline of your book.

D. Jasson Fleming is offering a copy of all is book releases!

THANK YOU to all who have contributed, your gifts are greatly appreciated by LawDog and all of us doing the raffle!!!


And more raffle goodies #3… — 4 Comments

  1. That Topper combo is sweet. One of my Uncle’s had one w/ brushed nickled finish in .357 Magnum / 20 gauge. Nice Jeep gun.

  2. I have a Topper in .410. New England Firearms bought the design from H&R, but wouldn’t sell me a new firing pin until I lied to them.

    Hmmm, wonder if I can get a transfer bar for this Argentinian pistol I’ve got with a similar lockwork….

    I put in $100 a few days ago. Not really worried about getting anything for it.