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Whew, I ‘think’ I’ve most of the items now posted… And many thanks to all those who donated ‘things’ for the raffle!!!

The links, HERE, HERE, and HERE are pictures/descriptions of what is going to up as prizes for the winners of the raffle.

Per LawDog, the GiveSendGo will probably close on the 17th, so we’ll look at a drawing around that time.

If you have multiple entries, you CAN win more than one item. The drawing will be a random number drawing, with the first number drawn having a choice of any item. The second number will have their choice of the remaining items, etc, until all prizes have been selected. For firearms and most of the other prizes, you will be put in contact with the people that donated the items so that you can coordinate directly with them. For firearms all transfers will be from FFL to FFL. So if you win and pick a firearm, you’ll need to have an FFL in your area to receive the item.

And for those who might not have seen it… This was published on Substack at Declan Finn’s Upstream Reviews on Nov 6th by Michael Gallagher. Amazing what a little ‘research’ can dig up… just sayin…  I’m not changing the font color so you can see the embedded links to other articles-

Ian McMurtrie needs help. He’s going to trial this November, where the fate of his honor and reputation as a public servant and veteran law enforcement officer will be decided after a single encounter with a belligerent prisoner.

Being that McMurtie is a known and beloved member of our little corner of the literary world, whose work has appeared in a number of anthologies among some of the top names in fiction like Knights of MaltaIt Came From the Trailer ParkSpotRepsCalexitAstroLizards and others, many in our respective circles are putting out a rallying cry of support. The blog Only Guns and Money are outright calling the charges laid against him bullshit.

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And the more time I’ve spent researching this case, I can’t blame them. The mainstream reporting on this incident is among some of the shoddiest I’ve ever read. And while I may be a soft-handed city slicker from New York, someone wholly outside the regional goings-on here, I can’t shake the feeling that something about this whole thing stinks to high hell.

Here are the facts of things, pieced together as best I could jigsaw puzzle-style, baed on what little there is to be gleaned publicly:

On March 13, 2020, then-38-year old Heath Carl Hansen, was in United Regional Health Care System hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas. He was having hallucinations and refusing care. It is possible that Hansen may have been under the influence, as some reports mentioned that his being transferred for ‘detoxification’ was being considered by hospital staff. Police responded, and during Hansen’s interaction, he grabbed a taser from an officer and began pointing it at police and hospital security. At this point, “a separate officer then fired his taser at the suspect, but the suspect continued struggling and was eventually subdued by several officers”, according to a report by (emphasis mine).

Hansen was taken to Wichita County Jail, where during his booking, McMurtrie, at the time a lieutenant with the Wichita County Sheriff’s Department, was forced to deal with an increasingly unruly Hansen. The November 2020 article for the Wichita Falls Times-Record-News by Trisha Choate quotes an indictment that says, in some of the most needlessly borderline defamatory language I’ve yet read, that “the 55-year-old Iowa Park man now stands accused of intentionally carrying out a list of physical abuses on an inmate,” which included, “fish hooking” his fingers in the inmate’s nose, pressing the inmate’s face into the concrete floor, hitting him or using excessive force and twisting his arm.”

The article (which only manages to get around to what got Hansen arrested in the first place after breathlessly reporting on McMurtie’s alleged civil rights abuses for 400 words), never mentions Hansen’s prior public intoxication charge that appeared in the very same Wichita County Jail Records database they had to have gotten his mug shot from, that somehow I managed to find. On that note, it also somehow misses basic vital data like the fact that the already violent Hansen was a rather beefy six-foot-three and 225 pounds and therefore might have posed a bit of a challenge to reign in. For this, McMurtrie was accused of violating Hansen’s civil rights by dispensing “cruel and unusual punishment”, which was later replaced by a charge of Official Oppression, or essentially abuse by an official under color of office.

But it was when McMurtrie’s own Sheriff, David Duke, threw him under the bus that hinted at a vendetta to put the screws to McMurtrie, plain and simple. Again, via

“Duke said the incident was recorded, and because the abuse was so clear, McMurtrie was quickly placed on suspension and then retired within days . . . ‘Such clear cases of improper actions cannot be tolerated,’ Duke said.”

A “clear case”, is it, David? Fantastic. Release the footage and clear all of this up. If the alleged assault against a prisoner nearly twenty years McMurtrie’s junior who had to be subdued by multiple men earlier that evening really was that obvious, surely you wouldn’t want to appear as being so unsupportive of the officers under you. Otherwise, what you’re calling “clear abuse” sounds like the railroading of a career lawman forced to retire due to a misdemeanor over actions that seem completely in line with the chaotic situation of having to restrain an unpredictable and violent prisoner.
Nevermind that even if taken at face value, none of what McMurtrie did seems to fly in the face of Texas’ Penal Code on use of force. May I present Section 9.53:

MAINTAINING SECURITY IN CORRECTIONAL FACILITY. An officer or employee of a correctional facility is justified in using force against a person in custody when and to the degree the officer or employee reasonably believes the force is necessary to maintain the security of the correctional facility, the safety or security of other persons in custody or employed by the correctional facility, or his own safety or security.

Hansen, by the way, has since had all four charges of aggravated assault on a public official originally filed against him dismissed.

In the words of John Richardson at Only Guns and Money (link above):
“The charge stems from internal politics within the sheriffs department. It is being made worse by a DA who is trying to bleed LawDog dry by dragging the case out over two years with numerous bogus plea deals.”

Abuse? Civil rights violations? “Official oppression”? Hansen never even filed a complaint (something else the MSM managed not to report). This is a fucking joke.

McMurtrie however, is fighting this tooth and nail, as much as he can. He’s since started a GiveSendGo page to help with the mounting legal bills, and Jim Curtis at OldNFO is raffling off a few things to donors of that page that will make great gifts for the shootist in your life. If you feel like checking out some of the titles McMurtrie has appeared in, here you go.


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  1. Video footage they say? Should render things much clearer….which means the odds of it being released are slim unless it supports the official narrative. We might get to see it after all the dust settles. By then it will be too late. Hopefully the jury is allowed to see it and is rational.

    • That video will get erased, be disposed of because it is old or disappear in some manner before it can be used to vindicate Law Dog.

      JL, is or was that Sheriff a Democrat?

  2. Thank you Jim and all the others putting together the raffle. Guessing the Wichita County prosecutors office is freaking out…

  3. Have the proceedings reached the level where a misuse of judicial process can be filed?

  4. Gee, “David ‘the puke’ Duke” might be an Earned Name.
    Seen One David Duke…

  5. Dan/Bill- Damned good question!

    SL- Heh…they are ‘aware’ of the Instapundit push!

    Carlton- Possible

    Orvan- Hehehe

  6. Why has no one filed a FOIA request on that video? Obtaining that should be a slam dunk. That should have been done when the first charge was made.

    • If I had to make a guess (and a guess this is), the video is likely being withheld as “evidence in a criminal proceeding,” and therefore not able to be released because doing so before trial proceedings could “influence the court” or some such.
      If I had to guess.
      (That such evidentiary rules are ostensibly in place to protect the defendant from prosecutorial selective release in order to bias against the defendant and taunt the presumption of innocence is besides the point.)

  7. I don’t have a lot of money, but I can donate a picture to the raffle. Winner’s choice of the ones I have in stock. I can email a picture of them. I’ll pay shipping in the US as part of my donation.

  8. I worked at the Local regional prison & county jail here in Montana for 13 years and the booking area was one of the worst areas for alleged perpetrators acting out. At 6’2 225 is a handful for officers to deal with. Grabbing a Taser from an officer in the hospital could be grounds for the use of deadly force. See the Atlanta riot cause in 2020?. Use of force techniques and when they can be used are set by state law and Sheriff. If fish hooking was an approved technique then or it was NOT specifically banned by the Sheriff then there is no case. In our facility you gain control of the subject by pressing their face into the floor and twisting their arm all the time. In those situations you get the subject under control as quickly as you can with the minimum force necessary.

  9. An additional Question. Did Lawdog’s Attorney(s) request the video as part of the evidence discovery process???? It has to be disclosed