Interesting numbers…

Contrary to what the left says, the US is NOT safer than it used to be… The proliferation of cashless bail, catch and release, and other ‘creative’ policing, in addition to a lack of LEOs on the streets and increasing response times have increased the number of people who are carrying pistols.

From various reports- In 1994, the percentage of gun owners who said their main reason for having a firearm was protection was 46%, by 2015 it went up to 64% and spiked to 73% by 2019. In 2021, it was 83%.

A report in the American Journal of Public Health lays it out rather well, IF you can follow the numbers.

From the conclusion- Bold is mine…

Conclusions. In 2019, about 16 million US adult handgun owners carried handguns in the past month (up from 9 million in 2015), and approximately 6 million did so daily (twice the 3 million who did so in 2015). Proportionally fewer handgun owners carried handguns in states where issuing authorities had substantial discretion in granting permits. (Am J Public Health. 2022;112(12):1783–1790.

The full report is HERE.

Frankly, I believe this number is probably an underreporting of the actual numbers carrying daily.

Yesterday morning at breakfast, I know at least two of our party were carrying, and I saw three others open carrying in the restaurant. Two more were probably concealed carrying under their Sunday jackets, and that’s just the ones I noticed…

Ironically a friend sent me a link yesterday morning to the Piers Morgan vs. Ted Nugent vid from around 2013. It pretty much encapsulates the differences in views. Love him or hate him, Ted Nugent is all in on 2A!

OBTW, there was an article yesterday that I can no longer find that ‘missed’ the number of carries by a factor of 1000… they say 6000 per day that carried…


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  1. Still waiting for Constitutional Carry here in Florida. Still. Thanks to the feckless RINOs out of Southeast Florida. Still.

    Incremental improvements my arse. We’ve been stopped dead on it since at least 2000.

  2. I had an experience in a gun-free zone recently in SoCal, where I suggested that if they didn’t see it, why would they be bothered? There are people who constitutional carry in the open, but I prefer to keep my firearm choices under wraps until they’re needed. I realize that open carry makes a statement and I’m cool with that, but tactically…

  3. I have bitterly commented that Soros’s purchase of numerous district attorney positions has borne considerable results.

    It’s utterly demoralizing for both the police and the public at large to watch crooks get arrested, only to step right back out again (assuming they’re arrested at all).

  4. Open or concealed carry … depends on context.

    Why do Peace Officers carry openly?
    Why would a non Peace Officer citizens want to carry openly?

    A Peace Officer, when uniformed, is easily identified and makes concealment of the firearm moot. Open carrying of the firearm also gives the Peace Officer the ability to draw unencumbered. OTOH, detectives often carry concealed.

    With open carry, also, we do not have to worry about being prosecuted because the pistol’s handle was momentarily visible due to body movement and then prosecuted for failure to conceal.

    Watch Swamp People and the answer for why carry openly, for the gator hunters that use a pistol/revolver to kill the gator is in display.

  5. When the population votes for libturds this is what the country gets for results, works every time it is tried.
    Happy Christmass to all out there, that are not here.

  6. I like living in one of the reddest counties in the state. My concealed carry permit expires in December. When I called the Sheriff’s office, they told me to just drop in anytime during business hours.

  7. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes, carry is often ‘situation’ dependent. I prefer concealed unless I’m in the woods.

  8. Still have to apply for my CCW. Since I’m a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, I don’t have to take the classes. Fill out the forms, provide the required documentation, and it’s granted.

  9. If you want practical reasons to not carry openly, check out videos on ASP (Active Self Protection), and watch people lose their carry gun to grabbers, and sometimes die in the process.
    Frankly, if I had to open carry, I would also have a concealed piece, along with a couple knives, to attempt to protect myself from that sort of attack.

    British Bobbies usually carry concealed, if required to be armed. I think there are other countries that do the same.