Intended consequences???

One tends to think so…

Nitrogen Minister of the Netherlands (yes, that’s a real job), Christianne van der Wal, is spearheading a government effort to drastically reduce nitrogen emitted by too much greenery — especially on very productive farms — and especially close to “environmentally sensitive” areas.

Farmers in the Netherlands have been at war with the government over nitrogen emissions ever since the government announced that there would be a 50% reduction in nitrogen emissions by 2050. Dairy farmers are especially hard hit because waste from the 1.6 million dairy cows in the Netherlands is the largest contributor to nitrogen “pollution.”

Full article, HERE.

Article on the new EU Green legislation, HERE from the Global Legal Group.

All to comply with the ‘new’ EU environmental guidelines, they’re going to ‘take’ 3000 farms for whatever they value them at…

Gee, where have I heard something like that before?

And if they do, what do those families do then? And where will the food/milk/dairy/cheese come from that they were producing? Imports???

And at what cost increase? How does John/Jane Q. Public pay for this, AND heat their homes in the current environment in Europe?

I don’t know, but it makes me wonder how much longer the EU will exist…


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  1. Farming restrictions are coming to Canada as announced by the Trudeau government as is an environmentalpolice force. .

  2. Wellll…..

    The EU subsidizes many otherwise productive industries. That includes farming and fishing.

    Fishery stocks are plunging because Europe and China and Russia’s fishing industry is operating at an economic loss with items like the cost of fuel and depreciation covered by the government.

    Normally, that might not be a big deal but fishery stocks have been plunging for the past two decades. Fish are trawled regardless of size and even if the little ones are returned (usually they are not) they are dead.

    Farming is sort of the same way. When the EU came into power they froze the number of livestock. Little Mary with the pet cow was allocated one cow. Mr Green Jeans had his number frozen as well. The only way Mr Green Jeans could expand was to rent Miss Mary’s allocation.

    Point-of-fact, the cost structure of EU agriculture is so warped and so focused on employing people (i.e., inefficient) that dairy products from New Zealand are cheaper even after the cost of shipping than home-grown EU products.

    It may be that the EU is using “Green” as a way to unwind rotten ag policy.

  3. And people still wonder if “our betters” have our best interests at heart. This is a naked, blatant effort to reduce the population by starvation.

    By the way, for those who don’t know: Nitrogen is 78% of the atmosphere. Farmers needs extra nitrogen in the soil to help plants grow. That’s what fertilizer is and does. Dairy cows (and other animals) provide a cheap, renewable source of fertilizer.

    • There is elemental nitrogen which is in the air, then there in nitrates which is fertilizer in one form or another, for instance ammonium nitrate is one of the most concentrated fertilizer components. Then there is urea which can be fed to ruminants to supplement protein or used as fertilizer with the soil bacteria turning it into a form that plants can use. I have no idea what this nitrogen pollution is that they are complaining about. Possibly ammonia from manure. And of course they want us to starve or eat bugs!

    • the panzers don’t roll any more, lack of parts/labor. it’ll have to be pitchforks and axes, again.

      • Poland has far more panzers (leopards) than the actual panzer people have.

  4. Don’t forget to mention that the politicians have admitted they are hitting Agriculture so hard because it allows them to ignore industrial emissions – who are big donors.

  5. We are living in the run up to the 7 year rule of the anti-christ so what we think will not change the prophecies of this time in human history. My advice is to just keep looking for the return of Lord Jesus Christ. If you have not repented of your sins and invited Jesus into your heart, I suggest you do that at once. Time is short and each day brings the return of Jesus Christ a lot closer.

  6. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit says “That which cannot continue, won’t.”
    Yeah, it’ll be Pitchforks and axes when ammo runs short.

  7. One thing that needs to happen is this “nitrogen minister” needs to have a “tragic fatal accident”. And anyone else subscribing to the same insanity needs to have the same outcome.

    • Sadly, there are more bureaucrats than farmers, or people willing to stand with the farmers.

  8. Any people that have a nitrogen minister have way too much government.
    Are there ministers for the rest of the periodic table?

  9. And WHAT percentage of the atmosphere is nitrogen?

    Seriously, the farmers need to break out actually weapons and start the war already. Or they will end up in the concentration camps getting gassed.

    Just like last time.

  10. It just makes me wonder how long the proles across Europe will wait before they decide to go all French Revolution on their watermelon commie overlords, with a vengeance. And a guillotine.

    And that’s a when outcome, not an if one.

    I hope they televise it.

  11. All- Yep, gonna need a LOT of popcorn for that one… It is going to get ugly quickly, IMHO, probably in the next 90 days, when the heat goes off…

  12. Call me when we’re past whining about the state of things. Nitrogen ministers have names and addresses. I’ll be in the barn or garden.

    Wanting nothing more than to be left alone..

    alea iacta est.

  13. Hey Old NFO;

    Such stupidity gotta be planned, They are the most productive of the EU farming community and this is nuts, especially with the famine and starvation coming that they want to take 3000 of the most productive farms out of the system. Such actions have to be malevolent. I wonder if such crap is coming to the United States also and we have all the illegals coming across the border, how are we going to feed these people if they go and pull those farms offline? What is their game plan? Sociatal strife? total reorganization? Population paring down?, whatever it ain’t good.

  14. The EU and each countries politicians and Judges have names and locations they live. There are more people then police and military. The police and military have family so if the politicians are after the families then it will be hard to get the police and military to do anything. At a certain point there will be blowback on the political class at what is happening by everyone.