There is trolling, and then there is EPIC level trolling…

And all those cruise ships are doing the same thing!!!

ROTFLMAO… Sorry… I can’t help it… BWWAHHHAAAHA!!! Breathe…



Snerk… — 20 Comments

    • An impeachment inquiry and $4 will buy a cup of coffee in DC.

      Democrats don’t care. They have power, we don’t. They use power, we don’t.

  1. Additionally: The red, rotating beacon is a MAGA flasher. The white strobes and rear position light represent white supremacy. I’m looking forward to seeing the first melt-down video.

  2. This is great. But given the level of general knowledge and awareness of folks today, as well as their stupidity, Iā€™m reluctant to share for the chaos it would cause.

  3. But they need to get 5 fathoms of firing line, first.

  4. I desperately want to hear someone complain about this to the gate attendant.

  5. As I’ve said before, being a sarcastic SOB in today’s world means you turn out to be a psychic. Someday soon China Joe will wake up and Susan Rice/Jill Biden will point this out, et voila, a new executive order banning red and green lights from airliners.

  6. Peaowed- LOL, true!

    Tom- Sigh… I know

    WW- Yep! And they are even those colors too!

    PK- Snerk…

    WSF- Or so bored!

    Tuvela- LOL

    NRW- Sadly, I can see them trying this…

  7. Thanksgiving was at my sister’s house, and the neighbor’s house across the pond had Christmas lights out. It took a bit, then I figured out what was bugging me about them. They had the green light on the left, and the red on the right.

  8. Tuvela, me too. I so want someone to actually do and ask for the nav er Christmas lights to be swapped.

  9. Hell, I haven’t seen those nav aids since Christmas in July!

  10. I’m waiting for a report that some whiner to piss off a gate staffer enough to get kicked off the flight and blackballed.