Here they go again…

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Canadian gov offered to ‘assist’ another disabled Canadian vet in 2019…

Retired Canadian Army Corporal and former Paralympian Christine Gauthier is restricted to a wheelchair after surviving an accident when she was in the service.

She testified last week that she has been waiting for a wheelchair lift for her home for years, and when she expressed frustration to a Veteran Army of Canada (VAC) caseworker she was promptly offered the option of being euthanized.

“Madam, if you are really so desperate, we can give you medical assistance in dying now,” the caseworker allegedly told Gauthier in 2019.

Gauthier testified she was shocked by VAC’s “offer.”

Full article, HERE.

So this is now the 4th case of a drone offering euthanasia to a disabled vet in Canada…

Damn, just damn…

And in more news from the north-

Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s government is coming for people’s firearms. There will be a mass gun confiscation program, as his administration banned some 1,500 firearms with a freeze on handgun sales for the time being. Gun control advocates up north have long advocated for a handgun ban, which could be the next step amid Trudeau’s anti-gun crusade. It’s estimated that some 150,000 legally registered firearms are scheduled to be seized by the government. The rash of new gun laws comes after the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooter, which left 22 people dead. The shooter, Gabriel Wortman, was later killed by police.

Full article, HERE.

I wonder if Alberta and Saskatchewan are looking harder at becoming American states…


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  1. What, an American state like California or New York?
    And here in Michigan, the recently stolen state legislature is already offering legislation to ban “Assault Weapons”.

  2. You know what won’t be confiscated? Unregistered firearms.

    Remember how they always say that it is the stuff of tinfoil hats that they want registration to facilitate confiscation. Remember also how they always lie.

  3. I was in Canada over 20 years ago on business and the PM at the time just announced they had kept the country together as Quebec was leaving and the Western Provinces had about had enough but he had got them all to stay.

    I think Trudeau will split Canada. The Western Provinces and the Eastern Coastal Provinces do not like Ottawa, Quebec and the big city (Vancouver) in BC. They are having green agendas shoved on them affecting their lives and now they guns, which many use in hunting.

  4. For every registered handgun in Canada, I’ll bet you a double loonie there are ten hidden away.

  5. A week ago legislation is in the system as of two weeks ago to start seizing hunting rifles and shotguns. For example, the Ruger #1 is on the about to be prohibited/banned. people with firearms are being demonized by the federal government in the Trudeau media. The government run and financed CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Service) should consider a mane change to Pravda.
    Euthanasia is being offered as an alternative at times when requesting medical care as reported in the media.

    (I hope this video link works)

    The above link, 5 minutes, definitely worth a listen especially the last minute, shows Trudeau “educating” the European parliament but it’s the last minute, +/-, where several MPs respond to Trudeau, and it isn’t pretty that are worth the 5 minutes. Interestingly and not surprisingly the response was not seen on Canadian mainstream media at least by me.

    After the firearms are seized one has to wonder what will happen next to Canadians.

  6. All- Yes, it is about to get ugly. David- Thanks for the link and yes, that IS interesting!!!

  7. David: An armed population will not be easily herded into the boxcars, and so the sociopaths in power now move to disarm us.

    Sic semper tyrannis.

  8. Doctor-assisted death could reduce annual health-care spending across the country by between $34.7 million and $136.8 million, according to a report published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on Monday.

  9. Another target imho for the Cdn Euthanasia program are the seniors. As these days seniors as a result of exercising, cleaning up our lifestyle etc we are living longer and this has caused the government to suggest to the Cdn public seniors are a leading cause of the current healthcare crisis and also the housing situation here – so MAID (medical assistance in dying) as of next March will be expanded to be easier to obtain – IE for something like depression – I kid you not. Having a bad day Justin and the boys will fix your problem….. Unbelievable but it’s here…..

  10. David- I guess at my age, I’d be a candidate… sigh And that is just flat F-ed up!!!

  11. People have recently showed that they still have the “get into boxcar” mindset.
    They, we, complied with lockdowns and jabs.
    No need to get into the boxcar. Instead, the boxcar is brought to you.

  12. “So this is now the 4th case of a drone offering euthanasia to a disabled vet in Canada…”

    Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, three time is enemy action, four times …?