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John Van Stry’s first trad pub novel drops today! Summer’s End

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The blurb-


Fresh out of college with his Ship Engineer 3rd-Class certificate, Dave Walker’s only thought is to try to find a berth on a corporate ship plying the trade routes between the many habs, orbitals, and moons in the Solar System. The problem for Dave, however, isn’t his straight C average; it’s that his stepfather, a powerful Earth Senator he’s never met, now wants him dead.

Forced to take the first berth he can find, Dave ends up on the Iowa Hill, an old tramp freighter running with a minimal crew and nearing the end of its useful life, plying the routes that the corporations ignore and visiting the kinds of places that the folks on Earth pretend don’t exist.

Between the assassins, the criminals, and the pirates he needs to deal with, Dave is discovering that there are a lot of things out there that he still needs to learn.

But there’s one hard lesson he learned long ago that he’s being forced to remember: how to be ruthless.

At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

John Van Stry is a United States Air Force Veteran who worked in robotics and as a flight test engineer and as a quality and test engineer in the medical devices industry. He is a collector of motorcycles and big cats. A star of the indie publishing world, Summer’s End is his first novel with Baen Books.

I was a beta reader for this one, and it is HIGHLY recommended!

You can go HERE for an interview with John about the book with Paul Semel!

Pam Uphoff has her 10th book in the Fall of the Alliance series out- The Office Manager

The blurb-

Lord Feodor Kenzo Nix thought he’d left his hacker teen years, adventurous first job, and very not-good second job behind. Eighteen nice boring years . . . well there was that invasion but his part had been minor . . . at a nice, quiet boring office job. A reasonably well paid middle manager’s position.

But now he was not just fired, the whole Bureau was being dismantled. And when he went back home for his fiftieth birthday party all his relatives teamed up to make him look like a hot marriage prospect by giving him four servants. Somewhat sub-par servants . . .

And . . . why the call from the Inquisition?

Feo Nix is no longer bored . . . and he’s going to have to find a job quickly in an Alliance in a state of transition (closely resembling a total collapse) where the most magically powerful are scrambling to stay on top.

And last but certainly not least, if you liked the Terminal List from Amazon, there are books that are behind that. Jack Carr knows of which he writes… The Terminal List series

The blurb-

On his last combat deployment, Lieutenant Commander James Reece’s entire team was killed in a catastrophic ambush. But when those dearest to him are murdered on the day of his homecoming, Reece discovers that this was not an act of war by a foreign enemy but a conspiracy that runs to the highest levels of government.

Now, with no family and free from the military’s command structure, Reece applies the lessons that he’s learned in over a decade of constant warfare toward avenging the deaths of his family and teammates. With breathless pacing and relentless suspense, Reece ruthlessly targets his enemies in the upper echelons of power without regard for the laws of combat or the rule of law.

With “crackerjack plotting, vivid characters both in and out of uniform, and a relentless pace to a worthy finish” (Stephen Hunter, #1 New York Times bestselling author), The Terminal List is perfect for fans of Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and Nelson DeMille.

This series is damned good!


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  1. I’m reading my copy of “Summer’s End” now. Been looking forward to this very much!

  2. Summer’s end was in the December Baen Books Bundle. I will be reading it soon.
    But the bundle sale period has passed.

    Good recommendations and thank you!

  3. Nice, thanks for the reference, I’m badly in need of a new book and Summer’s End looks right up my alley.

    I never got to sail on ships working the spot or tramp markets, with the exception of a couple of 30-day relief jobs as able seaman on union ships when I was younger. I always ended up on ships on charter.

    My dad sailed tramp ships for years, and got to go to all the best (worst) places, and had the stories to tell- getting stabbed in Brazil, falling in love with a girl who got disappeared by Franco’s men, drinking homemade booze with a Voodoo priest, things like that.
    I always thought a book on hard living as a sailor in space would be great. As much as I like space opera, the ratings on SF ships are much too respectable and law-abiding compared to ratings on merchant ships. I have yet to read about a bored spacefarer on a long crossing butt-chugging Hair of the Dog because he can’t hold down liquids and can’t stand watch as hung over as he is at the moment.