The Navy separated 25 active duty sailors between Nov. 28 and Dec. 28 due to their failure to get vaccinated against COVID-19, the service told USNI News. Those sailors are likely the last sea service members to receive approved separations over COVID-19 vaccine refusal under the Pentagon’s prior vaccination mandate.

Of the 25 active-duty sailors, one was an officer, while the other 24 were enlisted, Lt. Rachel Maul, a Navy spokesperson with the Chief of Naval Personnel, told USNI News. Approximately 2,100 sailors received approved separations in the year that the COVID-19 vaccine mandate was active.

Full article, HERE at USNI

The question is, will those 2100 be allowed back? Common sense says yes, but with Austin et al in DC, nobody knows, and they sure as hell aren’t talking…


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  1. Austin is an asshole and an agent of the CCP. He should be arrested and fired for violating the Constitution and civil rights of ALL the men discharged over the fake jab. The discharges must be voided and the men allowed the choice of returning to active duty or given Honorable Discharges if they choose not to return.

  2. Sadly, the answer is no, I believe. I also think the recruiting numbers for ALL the services are and will be dropping to ever-new lows. With very good reason.

  3. Unfortunately even if they do return to duty, their chances of being promoted have dropped to near zero.

  4. Allow me to expand the scope of this for a couple of paragraphs before I bring it squarely back on topic with the main post.

    The CCP has been working to weaken multiple aspects of the the West; our governments, militaries, laws, courts, medical systems, and our very peoples. They have co-opted many rich and powerful people as their puppets, who can then use their own influence and money to further degrade our strengths.

    The Chinese Communist Party sees itself as the natural governors and owners of the whole world. Once you realize that they’re serious, everything you see around you that looks and feels wrong starts to make sense.

    And that includes the military forcing the jab on its servicemen, and ejecting those who wouldn’t take it. Those servicemen refused to be weakened, and thus they represent a risk to those who wish to see us weakened and crippled; who wish to see us laid low and subservient.

    So no, right now this abomination of a practice won’t be straightened out or made right. We are compromised, and until that changes, all the symptoms you see won’t be changing either.

  5. Besides the question of whether they will be allowed back is another question. Do they want to come back especially after being treated like pariahs?

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    Unfortunately no, Xiden is still pushing the VAXX, so his minions will push the VAXX, so no they won’t come back. it sucks, but that is what it is. I wish some of the Joint Chiefs would growacet but the Generals and Admirals that are honorable have been run off so we have “TicketPunchers”.

  7. John- If only… sigh

    Art- You are sadly correct.

    Woody- I hadn’t thought about it that way, you may be right.

    Ag- Good points!

    Ed- Some of them, yes, because they were within a year or two of retirement.

    Bob- Probably…

  8. At a minimum, each should receive an honorable discharge and full veteran’s benefits.

  9. This is insane.

    Btw, my eldest got the essentially mandated jab (J&J) and nearly died, ER for a week in Korea. No kidding, organs were shutting down.

    Let’s see what the fallout from this incredible wickedness brings in the next year or two. And let’s hope it’s not too bad.

  10. They would be fools to go back,fools to serve this evil empire, fools to risk their lives for a dubious pension from a failing, bankrupt government.