Can we say hoist on your own petard???

Attorneys for Hunter Biden are calling on federal and state prosecutors to pursue criminal investigations into actors involved in disseminating personal data from their client’s abandoned laptop.

The approach, now more than two years after the New York Post’s original reporting, is being described as “the boldest and most aggressive move to date from Biden” on the issue.

Full article, HERE.

So, he’s now saying it’s his, and he wants people prosecuted for releasing information from it?

Hrmmm… I don’t know what the Delaware law is, but in most places, if something is left for 90 days, it is considered abandoned and becomes the property of the business or holder of the item.

So three plus years is a ‘bit’ late to be demanding anything.

Oh yeah, and this kinda puts paid to the whole ‘Russian disinformation’ pile of crap, too!



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  1. Yeah, not only abandoning the lap top, but later claiming it was not his property sort of shoots his case in the foot. Changing the narrative this late in the game makes no sense. You made your bed and only have yourself to blame.

  2. Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.

  3. And since the JustUs Department and their pet attack dogs the FBI are OWNED by the criminal left, odds are a virtual certainty that the people who exposed Hunter’s perversions and crimes WILL be persecuted….I mean prosecuted.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Now you know that the rules ARE different for the political class than for us regular people…..

  5. I think they’re trying to worm their way into claiming the evidence can’t be used for prosecution. In today’s justice system, they’ll find a judge that says it can’t, another that says it can, and the Supreme Court will say it needs review and toss it back to the lower court. In the end, years will pass, Hunter will probably end up demented like his father (If he doesn’t overdose on huffing gasoline), and the media will be crying “Leave them alone. Where is your compassion for the handicapped?”

  6. Seems to me it begs for a SPEEDY TRIAL and conviction so Joe can pardon him for anything that falls into Federal jurisdiction.
    This would be genuinely entertaining if it didn’t prove we are now a Banana Republic.

  7. So? Does any of this matter? It is patently obvious now that Slo Jo has served 2 years of our sentence that the DNC and the power elite are preparing to get rid of him and install The Ho as temporary Resident-in-Chief and then install the real R-i-C puppet for the next 9 or so years as her VP and then get rid of her.

    The laptop? Hunter? The fact that all of the ‘conspiracy theories’ regarding the Biden Crime Family have been proven, yet again, to be true, that the media and federal government suppressed information and openly lied about the BCF, that the media and the federal government lied and cheated and acted treasonous against a sitting president in order to install Senile One, doesn’t matter one bit. Elections don’t matter. Not anymore. Kari Lake can tell you about that. So can, well, President Trump and anyone else who has been mentally awake for more than 10 minutes in the last 10 years.

    I see no scathing remarks from the Senate. No apologies from any of the deep-state controlled bureaus and departments that were supposed to protect us against… the deep state.

    Every day, the Gaff-o-Matic senile alzheimer’s patient is allowed to sully the power structure of this great country, making a continued mockery (even more than Meat-Puppet Obama) of all that is supposed to be great.

    Gah. I’m just disgusted.

  8. Hunter and Joe are owned by the CCP and are allowing their Intelligence Agencies a free ride to spy on the ICBM silos located in the Dakotas and probably elsewhere in the CONUS. That so-called balloon is not a balloon from a childs party. It can stop, hover, and change directions. It is a low flying spy sattelite. Joe refuses to order it shot down thereby aiding and abetting the Chinese spying on and locating our silos and mapping them for a direct strike by Chinese ICBMs or other missiles to destroy them reducing our chance of retaliating against their country. Make no mistake the Chinese Communists have every intention of crippling this countrys ability to defend itself and to eventually take America over.

    • And Biden has been trying to cripple America’s defenses for decades. I was at the Flight 93 Memorial this morning and they had the September 11th edition of The Early Bird on display. At the bottom were excerpts of articles where Biden was denouncing ABM as “risky” and dangerous.

  9. Hunter and Joe may get hung out to dry together, seeing as Joe doesn’t have a chance of reelection.

  10. Hunter may well be more intelligent than Barack.

    I’ve come to dislike McCarthy.

    However, having him has speaker limits the Democrat ability to simply accident Joseph and Kamala, and get Pelosi or Jeffries in.

    I’m surprised that Nancy self-owned that way, and got herself out of position. The DePape affair is weird, and the motivations involved a bit opaque. Pelosi backed depolicing efforts in the Bay area were wrong. If a drug addled psychopath had done the same thing to anyone else, the police there would probably not have held them for so long.

    I find things confusing and scary. But, a element of context is that these are very crazy people, and capable of ruining themselves without outside assistance.