This is an interesting take on the current Trump kerfuffle…

For many Democrats, the weakness of their attacks on former President Donald Trump is a feature, not a bug. They’d abandon their efforts to destroy Trump if they stood a chance of succeeding. It is important to understand this as one indictment (at least) looms over Trump as a 2024 candidate.

Full article, HERE.

And it does make a lot of sense. Also, if it’s slow rolled, it could easily continue until the election next year.

@#$#@%*!& politics… I am SO tired of this crap!


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  1. ” Any number of GOP leaders and party rank and file would love Trump to vanish. Many wouldn’t vote for him if he won the GOP presidential nomination,”
    And that’s the problem.

  2. I don’t think anyone is happy with the current state of our politicians. When I see members of both parties attack Trump, I wonder if it is because he is a danger to their way of Life. Good Cop – Bad Cop. Just take turns in choosing who gets to lead the show.

    Trump’s election upset that situation. And that makes me happy because I didn’t and don’t like the way we were being divided into hating the other, simply because the other doesn’t think like we do. When everyone thinks alike – thinking stops.

    Trump is already rich so bribing him is much harder. Many people wonder why Trump just doesn’t stay away and live a retired life of ease. He can afford to do that. Why he chooses to go through the fighting with others – ???.

    That BOTH sides are choosing to attack him tells me he isn’t good for them if elected. Seven years of attacks – investigations into past behaviors. That is called desperation. I’ve never seen one politician attacked so ferociously by both sides.

  3. It is clear that Trump wants the country operating as it is suppose to. This goes against the politicians in both parties and the deep state. Further most of the corporations are now run by Globalists, many outside the country, and they do not want him. Trump wants the companies back operating in the USA and employing Americans first. He also does not want our Military in global conflicts, so the Military Industrial Complex will be lowered.

  4. The Constant persecution of President Trump is a continuation of the police state that has been created under the Communist, Socialist Democrat Party as well as the highly Corrupted Biden Administration!
    It is immoral, hateful , partisan, meritless , tyrannical, and extremely Un-American…
    The Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, is a Leftist, Incompetent and Corrupted Stooge for the New York Attorney General, and the Democrat party as he was funded by the Nazi Lover, and American Hater George Soros .
    He has allowed repeat violent criminals to go back on the streets, and add to the Crime in New York is at record high levels.
    These Sicko District Attorneys are not at all interested in controlling Crime or upholding the Laws , but rather totally politically motivated and driven by their Sick Marxist ideology.
    For the Democrats and the Looney Liberals, the left, mobs protesting with violence & anarchy are acceptable and they call them “ mostly peaceful” but protesters who peacefully protest against them or for Trump are called all sorts of names & “ insurrectionists” !
    The double standard is what is expected in a banana republic or a dictatorship.
    Ever since Barrack Obama, the government and its institutions have been politically weaponized against Conservatives & Republicans in favor of the Democrats.
    This possible indictment of Trump for allegedly “ paying off “ the Porn Star, Stormy Daniels, is pathetic !
    The Democrats and the left are so power hungry that they are willing to destroy all institutions of Democratic rule & its principles.
    The hate & persecution of Donald Trump is not by accident.
    it has been calculated & organized by domestic & foreign powers because Trump was not part of their corruption & the swamp they created.
    He was exposing the “ DEEP STATE” and that was not going to be easily allowed !
    They Still Fear Him, but Even More Now , because a lot has been revealed and exposed,,, such as the Biden Crime Family, and it is well known now that Hunter Biden”s Laptop computer is REAL But Hold on to your Horses, there’s a new Sheriff in town, and his name is Jim Jordon.