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Raconteur Press is out with another anthology-

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The blurb-

Since the first feline walked into the first human dwelling and decided they liked the staff, Cats have been going where they want and doing what they do. Whether hunting, lounging or deigning to grace their companions with company, cats will continue to do what cats do.

Which is anything they want.

Join these 11 wonderful authors as they explore how and where cats boldly go.

And Kelly Grayson has another Waffle Haus battle out! Siege of Waffle Haus 1347

The blurb-

I’m Aloysius Q. Fortenberry, Sorcerer of the Seven Clans, Senior W.H.I.S.S.C Operative, Sheriff for the Texas district. You may remember me from Battle of Waffle Haus 814. W.H.I.S.S.C. stands for Waffle Haus Internal Supernatural Security Corps. We’re charged with keeping the peace among the supernatural community that patronizes our diners, and to never EVER let the secret out that not everybody you see at Waffle Haus at 3:00 am is drunk, stoned, or inbred. Some of them look that way because they’re not human at all.

Some days, it’s easier to maintain operational security than others. We rely on powerful Faerie glamour and happy W.H.I.S.S.C. operatives to keep the secret, but when both of those things fail, the feces can strike the thermal agitator. On those days we gotta get creative, because the #1 Rule is: Don’t scare the straights.

After all, everybody is welcome at Waffle Haus.

Next is Dan Kemp with a new one out-  Athenaeum, Inc Door Number Three

The blurb-

Dan Kemp takes you along for a deep dive into a shadowy world of espionage, private military contractors, criminal organizations and government agencies where the good guys and bad guys are often one and the same.

If you had enough capacity for violence to seize a billion dollars from a powerful drug cartel, would you do it?

The Professor has problems, and not just what decades of soldiering did to his back and his knees. His boss just died, leaving him as CEO of the extremely discreet intelligence contractor Athenaeum, Incorporated. His old buddy the Operations Director is a highly skilled Army Ranger veteran but his finance chief is slightly unhinged and spends her money on highly inappropriate work outfits. The surviving old men on the Board of Directors are stuck in the 1970s. Running Athenaeum out of an old Cold War bunker and keeping their roster of experts together is expensive, but the government contracts are drying up or going to bigger, flashier corporate players.

Then an intercepted phone call puts them on the trail of a drug cartel’s shipping container of “maybe” a billion dollars in cash, so its command decision time.

  • Door Number One, ignore it. But… a billion dollars with a capital B.
  • Door Number Two, tell the Feds. But that might bring official notice to the shady intelligence gathering they have been paying Athenaeum for all these years.
  • Or open Door Number Three, which might get them all killed, or worse.

Enjoy them folks!!!

And last but not least, Michael Kingswood has a kickstarter up for his next set of stories. Mike is writing 52 short stories in a year! (He’s a better man than I am…sigh, I know I can’t do it!) So go over a take a look!

His kickstarter is HERE for volume three!!!


Book promo… — 4 Comments

  1. “decided they liked the staff” should read
    “decided they tolerated the staff”. 🙂

  2. I’m embarrassed to admit one of my for-real job duties (besides the usual human-critical-cares and-other-duties-as-assigned) is cat wrangler. The little furball is unresistably cute and she knows it. Moogies rule.

  3. “Siege of Waffle Haus 1347” had me rolling at a couple spots. The final fate of the SWAT besiegers is Declan Finn-level parody and ridiculous writing. Five tentac …, ah, five stars.

    “Moggies in Space” – why yes, I know those kitty types. Reminds me that I need to put out the tribute dish for out neighborhood tom. Protection kibble to destroy rodent invaders.