Is only getting worse…

When Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) ran for office, he was propelled to victory by a growing socialist movement allied with the Democratic Party.  The Socialist movement has elected a record number of socialists in Congress. However, Johnson now has one of the largest American cities to implement such policies with the support of the far left teacher’s union. Years ago, I wrote how a delegation of the union went to Venezuela and heaped praise on the murderous regime’s “progress.” Now Johnson appears to be moving toward a pilot program with great significance for socialist supporters: state-run grocery stores.

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This isn’t going to end well, but ‘we’ know that. Of course they ARE getting what they voted for!



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  1. Socialist/Communists ALWAYS insinuate themselves into positions of power and authority. They then subvert any institution that might oppose them. They now OWN the media, academia, Big Tech and the “Legal” system, plus they control EVERY Federal agency that might have dealt with their inherent criminality. Now that they control everything that matters they are OPENLY implementing their plans to destroy America and end our freedom. There is now NO legal or peaceful method left for We The People to deal with them. Our choices are simple. Actual war against them or abject surrender…followed by most of us being eradicated. We are seeing the culmination of plans created more than 7o years ago. While we were busy fighting the “cold war” they were busy destroying America from within. TINVOWOOT

  2. North of the 49th Trudeau announced last week he is ready to do yet another tax this time on grocery store chains. Anyone with even half a brain knows this tax will be simply flowed on through to Canadians. In August Trudeau gave Canadians a 2nd carbon tax. In Sept he announces a tax on groceries. No wonder he is trying to confiscate firearms of Cdns. We are well on our way to becoming a state of China. Gee thanks eastern Canada voters.

  3. They (the Chicago Socialists) think they can somehow do better than the grocery chains…..those chains that leave the shithole neighborhoods due to crime, theft and regulations that make doing business impossible.
    Somehow the State will be able to make it work where others have failed.
    It will likely just become another way to funnel money to the elite in the Chicago machine….then it will fail leaving the city to pick up the tab.

  4. a) Kinda doubt that they were voted in, probably fraud.

    b) Conclusion of necessarily war upthread may not be correct. However, right now is battlespace prep. The prep is accomplished by not attacking until the public understands that the targets are legit targets. Opposition only has so much info war capability, and the matter of Rittenhouse showed that there were people that they would not be effective at proclaiming innocent. If you need a long essay to explain why a man is guilty, and deserving of death, then that man is a target that should not be serviced yet.

    c) Democrats are disturbing, sure. However, they may in fact be ghost dancing. Society under stress reverting to behaviors previously useful, or thought useful, and doubling down. In this case, both the Marxism and the heritage of the CSA make the Democrats really crazy, with both a wrong understanding of their opponents and of what behaviors were successful for them before. Their stressed reactions get them into even worse trouble.

    D) Okay, yes, in general when communists fraud themselves into power, you do see a massive blood bath one way or another. They are pretty much innately murderous fuckwits with no capacity for peace. This does not mean that their current degree of formal power is enough to make that happen. It is quite possible that their failure will be fairly bloodless.

    E) All Marxists have rats in their brains when it comes to their theories of power. They tend to treat a lot of things as having properties that are magical. This includes government, and formal positions. Given the societies that were their formative experiences in abusing populations, (Russia and China), they have a terrible grasp of bottom up peace agreements. Their model of America is a level of wrong that it would be an understatement to describe as 100% wrong. Their theory of when they have unconditional and absolute power is contrary to reality, and they are losing their minds because they thought they should behave as if they had absolute power. This means that there may be an effective way to counter them in quietly refusing to obey, and refusing to treat their assertions as true.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    yeah it ain’t gonna end well, and unfortunately the rot will spread because that is the nature of a virus. i am almost glad that I have more of my life behind my than in front of me…unfortunately my son will have to deal with the circus that is coming to America.

  6. I see this as one of America’s strengths.

    A few cities are doing stupid… and the rest of the Nation get’s to watch what happens. Stupid should hurt.

    The solution is not a better “system”, because no system is so good that it can compensate for bad people, but people who are INVOLVED in presenting an intelligent and articulate alternative vision.
    Yeah that means getting politically involved and convincing your fellow Americans. Exactly how do you think your Revolution got started?

  7. “Pardon me, comrade, is this the store where we can’t buy bread, or the store where we can’t buy meat?”