Huh, that’s…odd…

Looks like Ray Epps is ‘finally’ getting charged…

Ray Epps was charged with one misdemeanor count of “Disorderly or Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1752(a)(2)” according to a charging document filed on Monday and made public on Tuesday. 

Signed by United States Attorney Matthew Graves, the charging document is brief in its explanation.

Full article, HERE from Townhall.

I can’t help but wonder if the left is finally throwing him under the bus, now that his usefulness is done…

We’ve got weather moving in, so I’m going to quit here and shut the computer down. Y’all go read the folks on the sidebar, and I’ll hopefully be able to comment this morning.


Huh, that’s…odd… — 9 Comments

  1. One misdemeanor charge.
    The average Jan 6 defendant gets what? 7 felonies?

    Yeah, this is a setup. An attempt to make the criticism go away.

  2. I’m sure that he won’t do time and a misdemeanor on his record won’t deprive him of “rights”.

    The Feds are trying to clean up Epps, who is viewed by many in a very negative light. He can say, “I’m not an FBI stooge, I was charged.”

    For the historical record, back when I was in the rackets, running informers, I did the same thing for them to take the heat off.

  3. No. The fix is in. Again / still. He has a high-end attorney, the plea bargain already negotiated, and Boasberg for the judge.
    This is to prevent him from being charged or even worse, questioned, for his conduct, actions, and Federal associations / associates before and during the Jan 6 protest.
    Note that he is charged with a single misdemeanor, not multiple felonies like the rest, that he was never jailed, and that all the DemonRat news mouthpieces are running the same story, that this “proves” that he was not a Federal employee or directed agent.
    B*llsh*t !!!
    This is a part of the same cleanup that Pelosis’ Jan 6 committee did in shredding their files and evidence before they left the building.
    They really do hate you and want you enslaved. Believe them and remember that America is as much an idea as it is a nation. Defend it, or if necessary, rebuild it.

  4. Epps is a Fed not being stuck in a DC prison for a year plus before seeing a Judge. He will likely get a wave saying a few says of community service. This is a joke compared to what they have pushed on all others. It shows the DC Justice system is corrupt as is DOJ/FBI.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    Epps is a stooge, the charges are a deflection, kinda like the gun charges against Hunter, they are light charges to prove that the left’s lackeys will also get charged…but the proof will be in the sentencing where he will get off lightly or in a hung jury, and this is by design.

    Careful with the weather out there.

  6. All- Agreed! And LL is right, ‘typical’ get out of jail free for CIs. Oh, and as usual, the weather split and went around us! We got 1/4 inch, Itchy Paw got an inch and wind!