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The LAST time a budget was actually passed on time was…wait for it…


House Republicans will try again this week to advance their funding outline for the Defense Department in fiscal 2024, just a few days after far-right lawmakers derailed leadership’s plans to move ahead on the budget measure.

The chamber was set to vote on the $826 billion plan last week, but Republican leaders shelved the legislation after members of the GOP’s right-of-right Freedom Caucus indicated they would not support the bill without promises of additional cuts to non-defense spending. That left the appropriations measure without enough backing to pass, since Democrats have already raised objections to the Republicans’ proposed limits on abortion access for troops and other social issues in the measure.

Full article, HERE from the Federal Times.

This is going to end up with another CR, and dire warnings about delayed, cancelled military pay, retiree pay, Social Security, etc. but you NEVER hear about any possible delays to entitlements…

Gah! It’s LONG past time for term limits, because Congress is nothing more than an old folks home now, with idiots up there who cannot function but are being told how to vote by the unelected bureaucrats that hide behind the scenes!

And now the Senate is ‘modifying’ their dress code, HERE, to cater to Fetterman, so he can come on the Senate floor in shorts, a hoodie, and showershoes!

Really??? The supposedly ‘most august’ body can now come to work dressed however they want? Pajamas? Curlers in their hair? Will they try to top Wallyworld???



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  1. The budget circus is exactly that…a circus. It’s rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. There is no meaningful solution to the fiscal situation the US is now in. All they have done for decades is kick the can down the road till now that can is the size of a semi trailer. What will happen is no longer in doubt, only when it happens. There must be an eventual default, it’s simply not possible to repay the debts the US now has. Therefore sooner or later there WILL be a default. What happens after that will make the “Great Depression” look like a tea party. Better be prepared. It’s going to be a bigger bumpy ride then humanity has ever seen. And historically such defaults almost invariably lead to war. A large war.

  2. I am ashamed to say that I live in PA. where the idiots in Philadelphia and Allegheny county elected Fetterman to the Senate. Any idiot that voted for him should be admitted to a mental health hospital. By the way if you want to win any Federal position from PA just campaign in those two areas and bozos living there will vote you in. The rest of the state does not count, too few voters.

  3. We’re I a Republican Senator, I’d were shorts and a hoodie with “Screw Chuck Schumer” on it every day until Schumer restored the dress code.

  4. I hope we go to a shutdown instead of the CR route… Even though I’m a federal employee!
    Republicans, stick to your guns, together!

    But I suspect they’ll give in or the others will make a deal to bypass them.

  5. One suggestion – no one in Congress gets a paycheck or a any expenses reimbursed or paid directly until a balanced budget is passed!

    And the “Right of Right” comment reminded me of this quote –

    “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”
    ― Barry Goldwater

  6. All- Thanks for the comments! Tom, a great idea, but that is specifically NOT allowed… sigh

    I finally had to boot a commenter today for continuing to post off topic rants. I really hate to do that, but the third time is the strike out…

  7. Senator Susan Collins jokingly said she might wear a bikini to the Senate floor. It would not be easy on the eyes but would be a definite statement on the lax dress code.

  8. The nail in the coffin of dress codes in Congress wasn’t Fetterman, it was when the ladies protested and got the ability to wear sleeveless dresses. So hoodies and shorts? So?

    As a lifetime office worker I have always hated the disparity of dress codes between women and men. Men have to wear long pants, dress shoes or closed shoes of one form or another, longsleeve shirts and ties (and any self-respecting man wears an undershirt under his overshirt.) And that’s just for low-level office workers.

    Women, on the other hand, can wear open toed shoes, dresses or skirts that are somewhere around the knee, sleeveless or short sleeve tops or dresses, and also clothing that has a huge vent up top for cleavage. And then they complain about how cold the office is and jack the temp up, leaving the men dressed in work clothes melting.

    Universal dress code should apply in Congress and at work. What’s good for the ladies and retards like Fetterman shouldn’t be. Cover up, it’s supposed to be a respectable joint, no?

  9. We can all grouse about the myriad of problems. IMO, nothing will improve until we find a way to insure honest elections. Donald Trump in 2016 was a fluke.