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Alma T.C. Boykin has a new story out in her Elect series- Wolves of the Wilds

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The blurb-

High in the mountains, something unholy lurks …

The Elect broke free of the vampire, Lord Ivan. Now they live in the forest as men, all save the two who were born werewolves. The forest lands provide what they need – jobs, materials, a familiar place in a world that changed around them in their decades of captivity.

Evil hunts under the full of the moon …

Into that world comes a group of graduate students doing research on the Carpathian geology and biota. All is well, until a grad student falls ill, and another goes missing. Or does she? Claire and the others wonder.

… But so too does Good.

Join Paulus, Attila, and the other Elect as they fight against the forces of cruel darkness (and excessive shipping costs.)

And Larry Lambert has a new novel out- Broken Toys
The blurb-

Broken people are willing to risk everything because they have nothing to lose…

Combat-wounded Sergeant Lucky Frank Brandt is taking pickup work to supplement his medical retirement paycheck in a world where his skillsets are rewarded. As he plies his trade from the New Orleans slums to the Utah desert, his success puts him on a short list that will catapult him into the seats of power.

Captain Claire Hoffman’s life changed when an IED cut her Humvee in half, taking her legs with it. Struggling as a double amputee, army nurse Hoffman returned to school in search of a new way forward. The CIA, looking to fill a quota, offered her that opportunity.

Laurel Vega-Mendoza, a congresswoman from Texas, is tapped to fill a vacancy when the United States Vice President suddenly dies in office. Now on a trajectory to fill the sitting president’s shoes, she casts about for people she can trust among the most untrustworthy group of scoundrels on the planet.

Unbeknown to them, an extrasolar spacecraft devoid of organic life crashed in the Pamir Mountains on the Roof of the World on November 4, 1932. There, in that place, an intelligence awaits its resurrection.

In a world of risks and rewards, they are poised to do things you wouldn’t.

Monalisa Foster has the third in her Ravages of Honor series up- Lineage

The blurb-

Darien and Syteria have been to hell and back. Their wounds and scars remain a part of them and who they are as they fight to stay together and prevent civil war. But when an old enemy is found alive he threatens their most precious secret as well as the future of both humans and donai. Will they be able to forge the new alliances needed to keep the Imperium from rising from the ashes? Or will the Imperium’s old guard carry out a genocide that will doom the donai to extinction?

And last but not least, Dan Zeigler has a new story up in his Cops and Dragons series- A Test of Time

The blurb-

This collection contains three Cops & Dragons stories: The Constable’s Quest, a Circle of Stars, and A Test of Time.

The Constable’s Quest – When a dead red dragon crashed in the alfalfa field on the outskirts of the city, Watch Sergeant Sigurd Arnson hoped it would attract the King’s attention to the remote frontier territory and the increasingly cruel duke who administered it for the Crown. What the dead dragon attracted instead was a runaway teenage girl with a magic talent that could lead her to the dragon’s lair and the treasure within. Now the duke has ordered Sigurd to take the girl into the Wilds and find the unclaimed hoard within seven days or they and their families will suffer the duke’s wrath.

A Circle of Stars – Brynn Starsinger, Lieutenant of the Queen’s Watch, is an anomaly among the elves of the City: an orphan seemingly born with no ability to work magic. After being falsely accused of murder, she is sentenced to face the justice of the mysterious Fey Lord. Though Bryn fears her life is over, the Fey Lord angrily declares the covenant had been broken and merely sends her off to sleep. When she is awakened by Turo, a dragon of many questions, and Bryn discovers the Fey Lord has been defeated, his forest left devastated, and everyone in her beloved City has vanished. Now Bryn and Turo must race against time to not only save the elves of the City, but also thwart the sinister plans of the Cult of the Fallen God.

A Test of Time – As Captain of the City Guard for the Market Precinct, the biggest challenge Saxon Tage usually faced was the occasional bellowing merchant-chief. Now he finds himself confronted by a serial killer, a mysterious woman who is either a witch or one of the fey, an ancient evil intent on bending him to its will, and a secret that will forever change his life.

I highly recommend them all!


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  1. Oops. Link from Monalisa’s cover is to Cops&Dragons not Lineage.

  2. Very good! I detect Jules’ art on the cover of “broken toys.” My fighting monkey v any three of your priestesses that this book’s a winner.

    Guinea on?