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On Chuck Schumer, by a Rabbi…

There are a lot of true villains in politics: people who are filled with hate and are true supporters of evil — Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Omar, Pressley, et al. They seek to destroy Western culture and the United States and to prop up evil regimes and terrorist organizations. It’s especially easy to see them right now as they try to justify the evil of Hamas, as they try to destroy Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, and they strive to tear down our country with riots on college campuses and even the Capitol.

Full article, HERE.
Personally, I’ve never liked what he stood for, nor his partisan rhetoric…
But I think this rabbi has hit the nail on the head. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and I think this is a classic example.
In other news, I hope you remembered to set your clocks back last night, otherwise, you’re going to be WAY early this morning. Me, I’m going to enjoy that extra hour of sleep! 🙂


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  1. Ole Chucky isn’t the only jew to hate his heritage. An enormous number of jews in this country openly support people and policies that are harmful to jews most everywhere. One must wonder what the hell these idiots use for brains. Some people absolutely refuse to learn from past history.

  2. Sadly, I think the rabbi is absolutely correct. We see the same phenomenon all over the world — not just with some of our Congressmen and Senators, but with out President — and not just in our country, but in innumerable countries all over the world.

    It takes a very great person to relinquish power, once gained, to another. There are very few very great persons…

  3. Gah! Just wound all the clocks. Did not register at all that my computer screen says 5:33 and all my clocks say, well to be fair they all say different things. But approximately 6:33, that’s my point.

    Sadly, that means I’ve been up since 4 am. I hate the time change.

    • I propose we elect Heresolong to the Presidency.

      “all my clocks say, well to be fair they all say different things”

      An honest person unconstrained by the tyranny of absolute precision and openly admitting it. Yes!

  4. Growing up in NY I watched little Chuckie Schummer’s rise from complete nobody, through the political system, until he became a senator.
    To be honest, he never lasted anywhere, so I was surprised to see he’s lasted so long there. Two things to know about Chuckie:
    1) he is a compulsive liar. He will lie even when it would be better to tell the truth – probably because he’s an idiot. He really isn’t very smart.
    2) he is completely and utterly corrupt. You may find people in Washington DC as corrupt as he is – but you will not find anybody more so. Chuckie is always in the lead in every race to the bottom.

    He’s pretty much proof that the elections in NY are all fixed these days. Because other than the people buying him, nobody likes him.

  5. Thanks Robert. One of my favorite clock jokes (well, maybe my only clock joke) “A man who has a clock always knows what time it is. A man who has more than one clock is never quite sure.” 😁

  6. Schumer is about as Jewish as Biden and Pelosi are Catholic.

    In Name Only.

    Like a good portion of NYFC’s Jews, who have consistently voted for the very same policies and laws that ended up with many of them having to escape from or be rescued from in the Old Countries.

    Sadly, it seems generational. I’ve talked to an actual survivor of a camp and she was sure that that would never happen again, as she voted and pushed for very liberal laws and against private ownership of guns.

    At least some seem to be awakening now.

  7. Once I sprang forward and ended up at work two hours early. It would be worth it to move to Arizona and avoid the whole mess.

    Schumer has always turned my stomach.

  8. Ah. The link to this was here.

    Thought it was elsewhere.

    There are a couple of developments within the Democratic Party that explain why Schumer was so willing to take on the role of Reichsleiter.

    One, the Clintons ran off everyone who was intelligent, disloyal, and independently ambitious. Bill’s serial rape habit was too much of a liability for them to be able to tolerate people who have their own conscience.

    Two, with the consolidation of control by Obama, his hatred of Jews meant that their was no longer room in the party for anyone who was not a Jew Hater.

    In 2019, the squad of Jew Haters was down stream of directing the Party to go all out, and fraud harder in 2018’s election. The squad was not spontaneous, it was deliberate action by the Obama faction.

    The Obama faction would likely have had a ‘come to Gramsci’ meeting with Schumer, where he was directed to endorse Jew hating.

    That was not the point of Schumer abandoning his morals, he had done that much earlier in life.

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