This one is gonna leave a mark!!!

It’s official. Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has been found liable for the medical kidnapping of Maya Kowalski, medical malpractice, billing fraud, and driving Beata Kowalski to suicide. In a groundbreaking decision, a Florida jury found the hospital liable for every charge brought forward by the plaintiffs and awarded compensatory damages in the amount of just over $211 million. Then they awarded $50 million in punitive damages against the hospital that colluded with DCS to falsely imprison a medically complex child over false allegations that her mother had Munchausen by Proxy.

Full article, HERE.

A lot of the backstory is covered HERE.

A member of my family has CRPS, so I know how much of a problem it is, and how much of a PITA it is dealing with doctors, pain management, et al, none of whom want to be ‘on the hook’ for treatment…

I can foresee this being another Oberlin case, taking years to wend through the courts, but I really hope they win in the end!


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  1. Like police or the Justice System, once the Medical Establishment starts down a path, it is difficult to find someone who can change the direction. Much like a herd of cattle, they just keep going.

    Sad, as these are supposed to be our brightest individuals and all, but they just follow.

  2. During COVID I saw many doctors come on the internet during one week and show a cheap easy solution to cure COVID within two days with existing approved meds and they were quickly banned.

    I already learned previously how we were being screwed by the Obamacare Act as my company health care costs rose massively. My Doctor in that healthcare plan decided to leave the plan and open a private practice as they were working her too much and she was not seeing her family. Me and my wife joined her practice since it was less per month then our health care plan cost plus she got our meds much cheaper.

    It is clear the US Medical Plans, most Doctors, are tied in with Hospitals and Big Pharma. They do not care for people and work only for profits no matter how it affects people.

  3. Hospitals are a long way from what they once were. My very own recent experience includes being admitted to Mount Carmel East Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, on Friday, March 18, 2022. I was diagnosed with ‘Acute biliary pancreatitis without infection or necrosis’ and scheduled for surgery. I had to wait for five days in the hospital until my pancreas would settle down and allow surgery. During that time I suffered neglect, verbal abuse, sleep deprivation, and developed an irregular heart rhythm. Various pieces of medical gear would sound a loud alarm and wake me up, but no one would come and shut the damned thing off.

    That hospital is best described as hell with the lid off. I honestly didn’t think I’d survive, and the nursing staff wouldn’t allow me to make any phone calls. After I was discharged, I described the conditions to my doctors and surgeon, and they didn’t offer any excuses or denial. Months later I spoke with a nurse practitioner who was a patient in the Mount Carmel East hospital, and he validated my experience as the same as his own.

    These people should be criminally liable for their actions, and they’re immune while they are at work.

    • Not allowed to make phone calls? IMHO it became kidnapping at that point, or some flavor of unlawful confinement.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    This is scary stuff, and with us getting older, spending time in a hospital is a real possibility and with all the issues with the new Dr’s being ideological driven rather than caring for the patients is a real concern. I hate to die in a hospital because rather than the illness or injury “doing me in”, it is the medical establishment because for “Reasons”, And I hope they win on appeal.

    • It’s been like this since the AMA was founded. This isn’t new at all. People are just starting to learn about it.

  5. Doctors are often completely insufferable when it comes to their opinions. What makes it rather galling is most doctors are not smart people. AT ALL. Most doctors are actually pretty stupid.
    It’s easy to be a doctor, if you have the money and time to go through their hazing rituals (there is no point to pre-med and little point to several other things doctors are forced to go through in their careers).

    I have a friend who is a trauma surgeon (former USN) and the absolute SHIT he had to put up with, and the constant hazing from the teachers which serves no purpose but to try and drive people out is insane. He couldn’t even go into practice until he was in his mid 30’s and at least 6 years of that training was pointless.
    Oh, and he could ONLY go into practice where he was ALLOWED to by the AMA.

    I’ve worked with a lot of doctors over the years, (I’ve worked in medical research among other things). Of all the doctors I’ve met and worked with, only TWO would I call smart. The rest? High School graduate best describes their level of education and intelligence.
    Hence why I don’t trust doctors anymore.

  6. Just wait until the backlash from all the genital mutilations, fertility destruction, etc. gets rolling. I can guarantee that most “complaints” will NOT be handled in a courtroom, but behind closed doors, at family gatherings, etc. I hope one day to sit on a jury of one of these children that’s accused of the murder of their doctor/counselor/parents, etc. Not guilty for sure.

  7. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes, I’m scared of going to the hospital for anything… Bill- That is truly scary!

  8. HORRIFIC! Certain families are courted to be Masons. Masons gravitate to occupations of importance and influence, medical, judicial, politics, military, etc. Places where there are way above average concentrations of ego testicle controlling narcissists. They also tend to be atheists, Satan worshipers, pedos, sociopaths/psychopaths.
    Every institution has been turned to the dark side. The foot soldiers tend to be “leftists”. I an not suicidal, just “awakened”. Pray for Jesus Christs protection and guidance.

  9. I haven’t cared at all for the treatment some of my elders have received.

  10. Yep, this is why when Peter has an issue, I’m glued to his side and politely but firmly oblivious to all suggestions I go away and leave him alone at the hospital.

    With cell phone out, taking notes and pictures.

    I swore to “in sickness or in health”, and I damn well keep my obligations.

  11. You might be amazed at how long the hospital will be able to drag out the appeals to keep from paying. They will gladly spend a couple million a year on legal fees to keep from paying out the judgement.