An interesting question…

Was ‘somebody’ advised of what was going to happen???

On October 7, four photojournalists who provide reporting and photos for the likes of the Associated Press (AP), CNN, the New York Times, Reuters, and other outlets were allegedly at the Israeli border with Hamas terrorists who committed acts of atrocities against innocent Israeli civilians that shocked the world. Since an Israel-supporting news watchdog website reported the claim, everyone wants to know if these Gaza-based reporters knew in advance about the attack and, more importantly, if they could have saved lives by alerting the world about it. The question arises: Did the AP, CNN, the New York Times, and Reuters know about the Hamas terror attack in advance? 

Full article, HERE.

And the Israelis would like some answers too… Officially, HERE.

Some interesting questions, and some non-answers and denials. Who really knows? I sure as hell don’t, but I DO have my suspicions…


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  1. I recall back when David Koresh was about to be arrested by the BATF, that a gaggle of reporters near the Koresh compound was what tipped off. Rather than call it off, BATF pressed on due to press being there.

    The administration at the time denied that the press was there to document the raid, but the press all had same explanation of why they were there – a raid was about to happen – do you want to have an exclusive ?

    I’m much more suspicious since February 1993. So many coincidences happening all at once.

  2. They knew. The US press is hopelessly corrupt. Even CNN cut ties with the one guy who also had pictures with the terrorist-in-charge, but the NYT didn’t.

  3. “The question arises: Did the AP, CNN, the New York Times, and Reuters know about the Hamas terror attack in advance?”

    I think there is little doubt the stringers knew. How much of what they knew was communicated to their bosses and their bosses’ bosses is up for debate.

    The AP office in Gaza shared a building with Hamas for years and no one said a word, until Israel blew the building up. AP tried to act shocked that Israel would blow up their building until former staffers came forward and said “Of course AP knew Hamas was in the building!” and the story magically went away.

    • Their bosses always know what they’re doing. It’s like a communist country – top down control. Smaller organizations can get away with some level of freedom, but the big ones always exercise control.
      Remember, they all believe they are above the law.

      • Top down control doesn’t mean the guys on top know what’s going on, but only that they make the decisions anyhow!

  4. I have a feeling Mossad will get to the bottom of the story. Those involved may want to up their life insurance policies.

  5. UPI is pretty much Owned by Islamic Countries in the ME. That is why they would not release to anyone the 9/11 pictures of muslims dancing in the streets.
    Islamic countries make up over 90 percent of UPI’s income and most of their people work in that division. So UPI does what it’s told. This has been know for at least 40 years now.

    Reuters has a long and storied history of putting terrorists on the payroll, as well as terrorist supporters. Again, Islamic countries hold a very large sway of Reuters which is why it photographers and articles are always pro-terrorist. That’s been going on since the 90’s, if not the 80’s.

    CNN is kind of surprising, as a large percentage of their employees and on-air talent are Jewish (or at least used to be – I don’t follow them anymore).

    The NYT has always been made up of scumbags, who approve of murderous regimes, so no surprises there.

    AP / API has been going the way of UPI for years, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that Islamic countries have an overriding interest in their affairs.

    Honestly, I suspect all of this will be proven to be true. None of these places, or the people working for them, have any ethics or morals.

  6. jrg- Good point, I had forgotten about that.

    MC- I noticed that.

    Mike- That is true, and that story DID disappear… sigh

    JVS- Excellent points!

    Jess- IF anybody will insure them now… 🙂

  7. The left wing news media knew what was about to happen and said nothing because they are Jew haters and they also knew what Israel’s response would be. All you have to do is watch how often and how much news time is devoted to the Anti-Israel protests. Also watch how little coverage is given to the Pro=Israeli march in D.C.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    The media are full of leftist, they view everything through the lens of intersectional politics of “oppressors and Oppressed” and on their mind, the Palestinians are “oppressed” and the Israeli’s are the “oppressors” or the “Colonizers”. That is why you see the LGBTQ community supporting Hamas despite the stupidity of it because they view them as “fellow travelers” fighting the fight. I view them as retarded and hope Israel gets their pound of flesh and I am convinced that Iran is behind the attack and the training and supplies.

  9. The Pro-Israel protest in DC was very well covered, by FBI geofencing, stingray cell site impostors, National Guard on standby, and a Level 1 security alert against the possibility that Americans might object to the actions or inaction of their government masters.