Can’t find anything ‘good’ to say, so I’m not going to say anything…

Go read the folks on the sidebar, they write better than I do anyway.

Off to OKC VA for a final look and new prescription for glasses after the cataract surgeries, so maybe I’ll be able to see the computer again.


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  1. Little South of you down here in Norman. It’s going to be a nice day today. Enjoy the fresh air.

  2. I’m curious. Are you a progressive lens guy or lined bi-focal guy?

  3. We,the people formerly known as
    Progressive lens users, have changed it to
    Constantly Changing Power Lens,because

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    I am on my work computer*shocking I know*, lol, I am having problems finding the energy to write, there is soo much to write about but by the time I get to a computer, the motivation has left me. *bleh* Have fun at the eyeball doc.

  5. There’s something in the air. I stared at the screen for a while before coming up with fresh blog material for later this week.

  6. All- Thanks for the comments, and I see I’m not the only one… Ed- Progressive, as I need both computer and readers on the bottom… sigh

    TXRed- I wonder if the weather is part of that.

  7. Good luck with the new glasses, Old NFO. Even if your vision isn’t perfect, you put out one heck of a YouTube channel.

  8. 2 days ago: Got up; getting dressed wrist band of watch separated. Went to back-up watch. Dead battery.

    Suspected bad day coming.

    PT at 0830. Did 30 minutes or so and then to the Shuttle. 4 bands resistance. Did ’em all but REALLY hard. NEVER that hard in 19 years with this therapist. Got up and almost blacked out. Tried again.

    Found myself in a wheelchair and at the ED (we used to call ’em ERs?). Spent 2 hours there, blood, saline, 12-lead EKG, wait for lab result, released and drove home.

    Weak as hell yesterday but OK now. Don’t know what the hell happened.

    All started with that damned watch!

    Oh! VA has offered to give me one of those canes with three or four toes at the bottom. Heh. UGLY as sin, but may help the balance. May go ahead and get one and put wood grained shelf paper on it or something.

  9. Ship it off,have it camo dipped. Then lose it, hiking in the woods.