State of the author…

Welp, ‘final’ checkup for the new eyeballs turns out to be NOT the final checkup.

Still having a bit of an issue with the left eye. The back of the retina is ‘lumpy’ so more eyedrops, and no flying for 30-45 days. Grrrr…

And at least a 2 week wait for new glasses, but at least they are free from the VA.

So, I’m not writing much, as it’s hard to be on the computer long without getting a headache. I’ve got ideas/plot/resolutions that I need to get down on ‘paper’ so to speak, but I get a couple of hundred words a day and that’s about it. I hope to finish the novella I’m working on by the end of the month, but I won’t get the next Bell Chronicles out before Christmas at this rate.

I have a question for my readers- Would you be interested in a collection of the short stories I’ve written for various anthologies, possibly with a new story added? I feel like I owe y’all something for putting up with my lack of production.

They are in various genres, and have appeared in a variety of anthologies over the past 5 or so years.


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  1. If you publish it, I’ll buy it. Simple as that.

    Just concentrate on getting well.

  2. “Would you be interested in a collection of the short stories I’ve written for various anthologies, possibly with a new story added?”


  3. Getting well is paramount. Especially when it comes to vision – those need to work as well as possible.

    Maybe some time developing future book in the abstract might be time well spent.

  4. Hey Old NFO,

    You write what you want to write, let the muse flow…let the magic work through your fingertips(sounds poetic I know, and if I keep going, you will go into a diabetic coma πŸ˜€ ) Seriously, write what you want, we are good with it.

    P.S. I’m on the work ‘puter for some reason your site don’t trip the “bad site software” like my blog does, LOL

  5. Yes, but it is not worth getting headaches over. Follow the directions you get from the eye doctor. My wife had her cataracts removed and she had a torn retina that had to be repaired and I know what she went through. Do what they say and it will all be well.

  6. That anthology sounds wonderful–with the understanding that you need to let your eyes heal and don’t overstress or strain! Anything I can do to help, let me know!

  7. Yes to the collection of stories.
    Also, you might consider a speech to text program like Dragon, just to get ideas on paper, though other authors who seem to use these programs have problems with homonyms.
    Your beta readers should catch those.
    Anything that gets more of your imagination to us is a good thing.
    Get well soon.

  8. I’ll be following your Vision Quest closely, as I’m eligible as well for the surgery.
    With respect to the collection of short stories, I’d LOVE to see it, but I hope you will include 1 or 2 examples of new writing. Two of my favorite collections using that approach, boat by Larry Niven, are “Limits” and “N-Space.”
    Before I could attack full-sized novels, say age 8 or 9, I found many hours of reading enjoyment in short story collections. I did move to novels within a few years, but in the meantime, I was hooked on exploding spaceships and dinosaur planets.
    So, consider it as an outreach!

  9. Not to make light of your situation, but,
    Man, eye trouble sucks.
    It’s gotten me in trouble, even.
    Eye see something and eye want it.

  10. I had retina issues in both eyes, resolved via surgery. Protip: if they put a gas bubble in the eye, DO NOT CHANGE ELEVATION QUICKLY. Temporary blindness in that eye going from 1200′ to 5000′ was beyond scary. After that, I got an altimeter for the car and applied decompression stops when I had to go over the Cascades for followups.

    FWIW, one form of lumpiness is Epiretinal Membrane. The fixit procedure sounds ghastly, but is reasonably painless. It was the second eye where I had the altitude issue (different doctor and slightly different procedures).

  11. This is in line with advice you and LawDog give out on the Blanket Fort:

    Yes to publishing a collection of your previously published short stories. πŸ˜‰ (And throwing in a new one is a nice touch.)

  12. “Yes” to the collection you propose, in a heartbeat. Regarding the eyes, too precious to muck about with it. Meanwhile, I pray it heals quickly.

  13. Maybe buy an inexpensive voice recorder and dictate your plot threads anything else your muse comes up with. When your eyesight is better, you can listen to the recordings and use them as a launching pad.

    It’s frustrating, but listen to the eye doctors. DH needed over a month of extra drops to heal before glasses. We want you well.

    Would love a collection of your short stories. You write it, I will buy it.

  14. Versus “free from the VA”, I prefer “thanks to the taxpayers”. Through the VA, all the other taxpayers make for me the difference between chuck steak and decent steak.

  15. All- Thanks and yes, options were discussed yesterday. I’m to give it another month with no large altitude changes to see if it will come in.

    Thank you for your support too! I’ll see what I can drag together and put out in the next month or so.

  16. You put it out and I’m sure I can find a few shekels to line your pocket.

  17. OldNFO, had that problem after my cataract op in first eye done. Drops fixed it. Just went away after about 3 weeks. Went away very quickly, like over about half an hour.
    The no flying didn’t bother me as we decided to do a major refurb and paint job on the airplane (BD-4)just before the first op.

  18. OldNFO, refurb went very well. Mrs Eyrie and I have over 1200 hours on it.
    Get better soon.

  19. That does sound interesting. You put it out and I’ll buy one!

  20. Good grief, Jim, do you REALLY have to ask? πŸ™‚
    When is the pre-order?!

    Not regretting my surgeries, as we have discussed, but now fighting astigmatism that is *moving*. Now on third referred opthamologist. They don’t make “moving” prisms. Heh.