IS a thing…

Too bad the current administration doesn’t understand that!

Biden has been talking tough with Iran for many, many weeks, and Iran has repeatedly proven that it is not deterred by his words. But the moment troops were killed, Biden was suddenly under pressure to respond with more than just idle threats. And he did promise a response.

And then promptly broadcast those plans to Iran.

Sources within the administration leaked the details of potential moves by the administration to Politico.

Full article, HERE.

This afternoon, ‘reprisals’ started to honor the deaths of the three Army Reserve personnel killed at  Log base Tower 22 in Jordan-  Sgt. William Jerome Rivers, of Carrollton, Ga.; Specialist Kennedy Ladon Sanders,  of Waycross, Ga.; and Specialist Breonna Alexsondria Moffett,  of Savannah, Ga. Thirty others were injured by the drone strike.

So, the IRGC ‘agents in place’ had almost a week to run away and get back to Iran, along with any ‘critical’ items that might have been at those locations being moved out.

There was much cussing about this at supper last night, as once again, the soft on Iran policy has ‘worked’ to perfection for both the administration AND Iran. The Iranians got the notice it needed, Biden to appeared to ‘take action’ and there were no meaningful consequences as far as Iran was concerned.

NONE of the plans should have ever been outside the Pentagon, much less ‘leaked’ to any media!




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  1. I’m sure Biden was sound asleep when his entourage of traitors warned the enemies of the United States of an impending reprisal for their attack of U.S. troops. I doubt Biden can even spell Iran at this point, and our allies (if we still have any) must be seriously wondering if their “big brother” doesn’t have their back any longer.

  2. Sounds to me like a repeat of Viet Nam, where, instead of bombing trees, we bombed sand. And another repeat occurs to me. Back in the 2000’s it came out that McNamara was telling the North Vietnamese what our bomb targets where, thru Switzerland prior to the airplanes being sent. He said that it was “to prove we could still hit our targets regardless” and when I read that, I had a ‘Oh, so you were engaged in a dick measuring contest with people lives as markers’.

    This administration is doing the same thing.

  3. Obama’s former Chief Of Staff IRANIAN BORN Valerie Jarrett…is STILL pulling the strings in the White House. So of COURSE Iran was told what would happen, when and where. We just spent MILLIONS of dollars bombing a few empty buildings, some tents and camels and maybe a couple of unlucky illiterate goat humpers who didn’t get the warning.

  4. I served in Vietnam from Jan 1968 to Jan 1969 and if I had leaked to the press any info on planned assaults on the VC and NVA the way Biden leaked about the targets that were to be hit, my ass would have been rushed into Long Binh Jail faster that you could say, “Who Me.” I then would have faced a Court Martial and probably sent to Ft. Leavenworth Prison. Biden MUST be impeached and charged with treason for security leaks.

    • It’s not illegal when the President does it.

      Let’s see, where was that legal definition of treason? I know it used to be around here somewhere…

  5. Ah, the middle east, again. This past Thursday Hamas/Gaza supporters blocked the port of Vancouver. Friday the Trudeau gov’t announced impending sanctions against Israeli west bank Jews. Trudeau is opening immigration into Canada for gaza/hamas individuals. This does not bode well as it remains to see how this will work out. Based on recent demonstrations where a demonstrator was caught on camera threatening a Cdn’s life in Toronto in front of police with no repercussions, police bringing coffee to demonstrators…..it is time to be concerned.

    • The government has elected to replace the people with those who will vote more correctly.

  6. The Iranian-backed Terrorists that are responsible for MURDERING three U.S. soldiers, and injuring over 35-40 more, in their Midnight attack over the weekend have started to evacuate their bases after President Joe Biden’s administration leaked to the media this week that they are gearing up to respond by carrying out a sustained bombing campaign.
    The Obama-Biden Love Affair with Iran CONTINUES plaguing the US and the world. Sometimes it’s too bad the we are so much nicer than we were 80 years ago. No country deserves to be turned into a smoking hole in the ground more than Iran.

    But a perfect phone call trying to ascertain shenanigans in Ukraine gets Donald Trump impeached! Go Figure!
    Do you realize how you’ve been and are being played by these lying, Democrats?

    All as Delusional Old Uncle Joe our Potatohead President allows a record number of people on the NO ENTER “WATCH LIST” to enter into America across the Southern Border
    Having let these attacks go on for so long—resulting in the deaths of the Three Service Members—the administration must now ‘shock the system’ of the regime to deter further attacks,” Stricker told The Daily Wire on Tuesday. “The blow must be so devastating that Tehran orders its proxies to stand down

    The Biden administration has Already Released A Known Terrorist Into The United States After Attempting to Illegally Cross Through Our Southern Border…A known terrorist who attempted to enter the United States illegally through our wide open Southern Border was subsequently released into the United States where he was allowed to freely roam for nearly a year because of Joe Biden and Extreme Democrats’ failed, Far Left open border policies. The Federal authorities caught a terrorist at the U.S. southern border and released him into the country, where he roamed freely for nearly a year…The unnamed individual, who the memo only identifies as a member of the Somali terror group al-Shabaab, was released shortly after being caught illegally crossing the southern border near San Ysidro, California

  7. Happened before the Iraq invasion also.
    This administration has leaked every military operation, if I remember correctly.
    We need to start shooting traitors again instead of giving them paychecks and pensions.

  8. More convinced than ever now that this system must collapse so we can rebuild sanely.
    I hate the future I see.

  9. Biden is a very “SICK and INEPT MAN”, but those who cover for him and prop him up are even Sicker.!!!
    Ever since Biden came into office everything has changed and has been been out of order and in chaos since he came in, from domestic issues to foreign policy. He’s governed like someone completely under the control of the left, with extreme positions on the border and student loans, for example.
    Our country has never been as divided, and our economy has never been as bad, Not since I have been alive and on this earth!. For crying out loud, It’s a torture just going to the Supermarket these days,
    Instead, we got a nasty man. He makes up things constantly to pander and to hold onto control. He screams at people when he’s challenged, he’s called voters and media all kinds of names including liar, fat, son of a b*tch, even threatening to take a voter “outside.” At this point, his lack of competence has made the issues he’s had all his life for not telling the truth even worse. He’s also smeared millions of Americans as extremists because they support his political opponent, and in disgusting attacks he’s tried to paint them as a danger to the public. Meanwhile, Democrats are targeting his main political opponent and trying to increase Biden’s chances like we’ve never seen before in history. So much for bringing “civility” back. I don’t think there’s ever been a more divisive or destructive person to occupy the office.

    Now comes the revelation from Politico about the nasty things that Biden is saying in private about former President Donald Trump. Oh, and the revelation that he has a reputation for salty language behind closed doors. Funny how I think this is the first time in the three years of coverage of Biden in office that I think I’ve seen this “reputation” reported.

    President Biden has described Trump to longtime friends and close aides as a “sick fuck” who delights in others’ misfortunes, according to three people who have heard the president use the profane description. According to one of the people who has spoke with the president, Biden recently said of Trump: “What a fucking asshole the guy is.”
    The White House declined to comment.

    No, Trump is NOT sick, not at all but Biden is the “Sick” one who has been trying to divide the nation and demonize Americans as Biden has. Sick is someone who can’t find his way off a stage but thinks he can run again for office though he barely seems to know where he is half the time. “Sick” is someone who can never take responsibility for his failures and keeps making the same mistakes, like Joe Biden. “Sick” is telling the same lies, including about your political opponent, over and over and over again — even when those lies have been debunked, as LIES! — but still has not being able to stop.
    It’s a shame that Crooked Joe Biden disrespects the presidency both publicly and privately. He is the “Sick” one, not former president Trump.
    This is the “Sick man. I wouldn’t use Joe’s curse word. Saying such a falsehood in a screaming ranting, and slamming his hands down on the podium and again suggesting that his Son died in battle in France, rather than of CANCER in 2015, that is a very ”Sick Man”.

  10. What a bunch of morons. If this doesn’t count as “Aid and Comfort To The Enemy”, then what does anymore?

  11. I can’t stand the talking heads on TV (even Fox News) parroting China Joe’s line that we don’t want to “expand the war” or “get in a war with Iran.” We already at war with Iran, and have been since President Peanut threw the Shah under the buss and paved the way for the Ayatollahs to take over. The sooner we recognize that fact, and act accordingly, the better off we’ll be.

  12. I always wonder: are the “leaks” to show how special someone is (I know more than you do!), dissatisfaction (I disagree so I’m calling the NYT on you.), trying to please two or more masters (I’m calling because we support you but we’re bombing to shut up the rubes in the Midwest), or “All of the above, depending”?

    It seems to vary from administration to administration.

  13. Well, this IS the man who got SEAL Team 6 killed through loose talk.

  14. They aren’t stupid or incompetent, they’re traitors.