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I finally got my latest novella up- Ice

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The blurb-

Vengeance is best served cold…

Twelve years old is NOT the time to learn about murder and survival on a mining planet, but Colin Graham didn’t have a choice after his father was murdered.

Colin and Lisabet Sarnov did survive, thanks to Colin’s training. And the people that took an orphaned Colin under their wing re-enforced that training.

Eighteen years later, Colin and Lisabet were reunited in a curious set of circumstances, allowing that final bit of vengeance to take place. What happened next was not what Colin expected…

John Van Stry also has a new one out, the 2nd of the Wolfhounds series-

The blurb-

With the Battle of Portlandia behind him, Chase is a hero now and the rank and file truly believes that he’s the prince the Command Team claims he is. For his part, Chase has made his choice and now he’s committed. As the face of the revolution he’s ‘in it to win it’ because anything else will lead to his death. The twenty-five million-credit bounty on his head will see to that.

The problem he faces now is convincing Fleet Captain Witner, and his Command Team to trust him, when Chase still doesn’t trust them enough to tell them who he truly is. Chase had been betrayed too many times in his past to come clean easily, and for all that he’s doing everything they ask of him, until the Captain and his team gives him a seat at the table, he’s not about to start trusting any of them.

So he’s content to let them continue believing he’s a fraud of their own creation to justify the search for a ‘real’ heir.

Still, he now has Claire on his side, and he can’t think of anyone else he’d rather have there. She’s as driven as he is, and at least as crazy. He’s never met a better fighter and probably never will. As a duchess she’s been teaching him valuable lessons about how to act and what to say. As a friend and lover, she’s giving him something that he never thought he’d have – a reason to win.

And last but certainly not least, Alma Boykin has the fifth in her Familiars Generations out- Harrier and Murder

The blurb-

A murder lurks in Devon County—a murder of crows.

As winter slowly fades into spring, Jude Tainuit struggles to save money and to meet his new obligations to the Sheriff’s Department. An accident in the night brings an unwelcome reminder—Aunt Martha O’Neil is not young. Even less welcome, perhaps, is a falconer who takes offense at Jude’s Familiar, and who may not be quite what he seems.

When Aunt Martha returns, so does trouble. A second worker of twisted magic lurks in deeper shadow, perhaps. Combine growing danger with his hesitant courtship of Lucy Hoffman, and Jude may run out of strength, options, and time before March goes out with a murder—a murder of magic and malice.


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  1. Purchased Ice, and while it’s in the TBR pile, it’s at the top as soon as I’m finished with John’s new book.

  2. Ice is purchased, though it has to wait until I’m done with the Familiars book. Tomorrow or tonight, most likely.

  3. I bought Ice and it’s in the Q. (I wish I could easily get the title in Italics like RCPete did so it would be correct)

    I considered buying two copies so when asked what I was reading I could say, “Ice, Ice, baby.”

    And I bought of the John Van Stry Wolfhounds books because I somehow missed the first one.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Old NFO, bought “Ice” yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it on a cold rainy day in the PNW. Think this is one of your best stories yet, any chance of a series? And yes I did leave a review on Amazon.

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