I didn’t see this one coming…

Marco Island City Council wants to follow Collier County as a “Bill of Rights sanctuary.” Council members say they want to protect citizens from federal government mandates having to do with such issues as guns and personal information – mandates the city council might deem unconstitutional.

Collier County Board of Commissioners approved the designation for the county in August.

Full article, HERE from the Naples Daily News

I know there are cities down there that are 2A sanctuary cities, but this is the first I’ve heard of Bill of Rights sanctuaries!

I will say I think this is a novel concept that the lefties will NOT like at all.

I gotta think about this one… your thoughts?


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  1. I fled New Jersistan 24 years ago to the Gunshine state of Florida.
    Never have I regretted that move.
    In MOST areas of Florida, Cops are Cops and do what Cops are supposed to do. In most areas of Florida, Girls are girls and boys are boys and they stay that way. I can buy a gun, carry a gun and use it to legally defend myself and family. There are bountiful beaches with beautiful bulging bouncing breasts on display regularly. (That’s not a fringe benefit)
    In most areas, the US constitution is respected. IMnvHO, many other states should emulate Florida, (and Texas and some others)

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    I like the concept, The local towns and cities have flouting “Sanctuary Cities” for years in defiance of the federals for years to support illegal immigration to virtue signal, and now they are choking on it, (Yes my shadenfreude is loving it) but the right side is finally using the same page the left has been using for years. But this does show a hightening divide in this country where it shows a growing distrust of the feds and this isn’t a good thing because such divides eventually the divides become so large, the bullets start flying.

  3. It obviously shouldn’t be necessary. However… the Marxist left has never, and will never, show any regard for niceties such as the law or Constitutions or that sort of thing. So… maybe it is necessary.

  4. Ah, my parents’ neck of the woods. Lovely beaches, wonderful area to visit, wonderful place to live – except for the hurricanes. Not surprised to hear this coming from that area. The last general election the Dems didn’t even run a candidate for Congress in the district down there. A lot of retirees from the Northeast, but generally more of a conservative bent than otherwise, and glad to be rid of the BS (and winters) they had to put up with. They even have conservative-leaning cultural stuff down there – bands, venues, community events, restaurants, etc. My dad told me one restaurant owner pasted pictures of Biden in the urinals.

  5. I like the idea – but I’m curious to see what’ll happen when push comes to shove.
    There are some sheriff’s in the West who say they won’t work with the feds but in practice they do…

  6. Sad thing is, the FedGov doesn’t give a stinky raccoon turd over our Bill of Rights and has shown that they love to violate the Federal and our State Constitutions and Bills of Rights at a drop of a hat.

    This whole border thingy in Texas has caused Florida to reassess in a major way its interactions with the FedGov.

  7. I like the idea. What i am concerned about is that the actuality will end up more like a homeowners association than an association of free folks.

  8. The Federal Government detests the Bill of Rights unless it applies to a pet project of theirs like sexual deviates. A Bill of Rights Sanctuary City would be welcome…or an entire state that stresses the Bill of Rights, particularly the Tenth Amendment. Any powers that are not specifically given to the federal government, nor withheld from the states, are reserved to those respective states, or to the people at large. Progs hiss like vampires hit by a spotlight when you mention that.

  9. Any such rule or policy that doesn’t include mandatory arrests and prison time for any LEO person who violates said policy or rule is a pointless waste of time….just more BS and hot air.

  10. For every million dollars these Progressive assholes fine Trump we should sent 10 Busses full of illegal undocumented immigrants to every Sanctuary State

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