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Raconteur Press has another anthology out- Space Marines III

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The blurb-

Space Marines combine the confident, tough spirit of the warrior with the fearless, intrepid pursuit of the unknown. We love skilled men and women making war to keep their homes and their fellow citizens safe from tyranny, oppression, or being eaten by aliens. The marriage of the strong soldier with the beauty and wonder of space is a combination that can’t be beat.

Blotter Report by Spearman Burke

How to Decline Lodgers With Extreme Prejudice by Lori Janeski

Full Moon Men by Charles Hackney

Call to Quarters by Wally Waltner

Incident at Spurgle Station by Tom Rogneby

Just One by JJ Lynn Daniels

Semper Fi by Bruce Erling Strange

The Assassin’s Blade by Daniel G. Zeidler

Walking in the Black by Michael Morton

Remember the Avalon by J. Kenton Pierce

And I would like to thank those of you who left reviews for my novella, Ice!

Over 50 reviews, and a 4.6 average!!! Thank you very much! And more thanks to those who went and picked up books in the Rimworld series, which are linked on the sidebar. New readers are always appreciated and I hope you like what I write.

I know I cannot please every reader, but please, honest reviews are appreciated! Reviews are an indie writer’s meat and potatoes (and literally can put food on the table).


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