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Despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling on Monday overturning Colorado’s attempt to remove Donald Trump off the state ballot, Democrats are not giving up. With polls showing that Joe Biden is behind Trump in both national match-ups and battleground state surveys, they simply have no stomach for allowing democracy to take its course.

Soon after the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling dropped, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) rushed over to the friendly audience at CNN and announced to Democrats nationwide that the fight to bar Trump from the ballot is by no means over.

Full article, HERE.

Soooo, their plan is to do EXACTLY what they accused Trump of supposedly doing on Jan 6th…

The powers that be need to remember that ‘we’ the voters are the actual people that make the choices, NOT the elites (regardless of how they try to steal the elections).

If your primary is tomorrow, go vote. I don’t care WHO you vote for, but go and exercise your rights while you still have them!


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  1. MAGA Republicans and Trump want to overturn the Constitution and are a threat to Democracy, yet it is the Commie Democrats who are actually trying to throw out the Constitution and establish a dictatorship, “By their actions ye shall know them.”

  2. Unfortunately, to quote Joseph Stalin, “It doesn’t matter how you vote, it only matters who counts the votes.”
    As long as the Dominion voting machines exist, mail-in ballots count, and Democrat vote counters count the votes (and cover the windows), our votes will not matter.

  3. With Lawfare, people like Raskin in Congress working to stop Trump from office, and any cheating in the election we will likely head for CW2. The Dems are destroying the USA with illegals, drugs, massive spending on the world but not the USA, and the economy and a continuation any elected Dem as President will kill the country. People had reach their limits.

    • We are already in CW2. Have been since the riots. Sadly the ‘right’ won’t do anything so the democrats have been running wild. Right now this civil war is a cold war and the democrats are winning – hands down.
      The only way that will change is if something dramatic happens, but I don’t expect it. The Covid scam proved that we’re nothing but a nation of sheep now.

  4. Hey Old NFO,

    They have the belief that it is “Rules for thee but not for me”.
    They have been pushing the envelope for years and it remains if we have had enough. If they are successful in thwarting the election and getting that dottering meat puppet for a second term, many people will just drop out of the process and plan their exit strategy and the country will fracture further.

    • There is very little room for an exit strategy.

      People are going to university, some come out bad crazy. (Others come out sane enough.) Some of the crazy graduates recover.

      The basic possible results are victory or death. The persistently crazy people are dangerous, and some of them live to cause suffering.

      However, almost everyone had a shock to their basic sanity recently, with the covid lockdown. Most people were not equipped for such a drastic shift in their social contacts.

      The result is that the fundamental contest is also one of restoring and maintaining our own sanity.

  5. Well, I have a new “I Voted” sticker now.

    Now to see if it mattered a dang.

  6. Ignoring the law, attempting to usurp the highest court in the country, and announcing their intentions, can only be described as treason. It’s their last ditch effort. May their failure lead to some severe punishments.

    • The court decision was bullshit.
      The court decision SHOULD have read: President Trump hasn’t been convicted of a crime, therefore you can not punish him for that crime.
      The way they did it leaves a HUGE loophole – they can still ban, from state elections, anyone they feel is a Trump supporter.

      • In reading the case, it’s the Trump team that wrote: “Because the Constitution makes Congress, rather than the States, responsible for enforcing Section 3 against federal officeholders and candidates, we reverse.”….”For the reasons given, responsibility for enforcing Section 3 against federal officeholders and candidates rests with Congress and not the States. The judgment of the Colorado Supreme Court therefore cannot stand.”

        They should have brought up that he was never charged in Federal Court, much less found guilty.

  7. Well yeah….Raskin , (sigh) Rascal . I’m not surprised at anything anymore . Sure is a heap of shtt going on all at once , in every direction . Too cold to go fishing (for me) , oh well …gave the garden a turn with the tiller , gonna get some plants going soon . Life’s good .

  8. In typical democrat fashion, once again, just being ACCUSED of something means you’re guilty.
    No trial for you, if you’re not a democrat!

    That little bit about ‘innocent until proven guilty in a court of law’ has been utterly erased.

  9. Let’s see.

    The ideal court decision would have closed off not only Democrat barring of people not convicted, but also Republican reprisal barrings of people not convicted. It is not at all clear that the formal legal system has the support to deliver on any sort of dispute resolution.

    We have been in a de facto civil war for some time, due to having communists, who dissent from peace, and at some point became confident in pulling off their shit here.

    Some of the allegations made by Democrats about January Sixth imply a de jure state of civil war, with the Democrats on the criminal side of the matter.

    One of the key communist miscalculations is the conviction that we cannot simply see that they are the ones dissenting from peace, and that the non-communists are mostly still party to our peace consensus.

    I’m not sure what I feel, but the news is not news. As in, current statements are a logical consequence of being the sort of people who made earlier statements, and there is not really new information about what will happen next. We still wait on surprise.

    OTOH, the Democrats being more obviously unhinged may influence those who do not yet have an opinion, or alienate those who thought they did.

  10. I simply do not understand why the commie-rats are so afraid of Trump. In the 2020 election Pedo-Joe got the most votes in the history of the universe, right? According to the lame-stream media and the commie-rats, he is the most popular and most successful president in American history, right? Nothing has changed in the way votes are cast and/or counted since ’20, right? Why should they (or we) expect the ’24 outcome of a Biden/Trump rematch to be any different?

  11. There’s no point in voting in the FL primaries.

    By the time it gets here all the viable alternatives have dropped out leaving the winner from Iowa and New Hampshire.

  12. I’ve already voted. The Republican ballot had a “write in” line and the Democrat ballot didn’t. I wrote in RFK Jr.

    Our bat shit crazy Colorado Secretary of State pandered to the (P)regressives with her maneuver. A waste of time and effort better spent on real issues. Trump’s chance of winning Colorado’s four electoral votes is on par with the Rockies winning the World Series.

  13. The criminal leftists in power will do quite literally anything to stay in power. They know that if they lose their grasp on control they face the risk of going to prison for their crimes. They only have one rule…WIN. By whatever means required. So anything and everything is on the table…including nuclear war. They’d rather rule over ashes than relinquish control.

  14. In a sane world, you’d be looking for new candidates

    From the outside, you got Trump because of Hilary, and Biden because of Trump.
    None of them are actually *good*, they were only nominated because they were marginally better than the alternative, and that is all people focus on.

    Not that we are any better here. The two-party system has us in its grip, too.
    At least you provide us with the perfect argument to counter our local Republican Movement . (Power-grab disguised as political change).

    Good luck. You’ll need it.